Hi. I'm Heather.

I'm a Transformational Coach and Sacred Space Holder for Women, Diversity & Inclusion Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, & Artist.

Inspired by my own holistic, healing journey to dismantle internalized oppression, I am absolutely passionate about helping womxn to do the emotional and spiritual work necessary to reclaim their bodies, minds, spirits, and energy from the impact of slavery, colonization, racism, sexism, and misogyny.

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  • powerfully experience and expand your capacity for all kinds of love (human love, self-love, romantic love, divine love, etc.) that will transform you, your community, and the world in deeply profound ways?

  • stop cycling through the same relationship patterns over and over again?

  • gain access to unlimited power, energy, and creativity?

  • become a magnet to all your desires


Exhaustion by and disillusionment with digital dating culture stops here.


Confusing and discouraging dating experiences stop here. 


Fear that you’ll have to settle for less than what you want in sex, love, and relationships stops here.


Here's my personal story...

As the middle child of a multi-ethnic, blended family, I've had to navigate challenging relationship dynamics and complex issues of identity from a very young age.

As a result, I've not only been obsessed with how to create and maintain healthy relationships my whole life (with ourselves and others), but I'm also absolutely passionate about activating and empowering women to release guilt, shame, and fear claim the joy and happiness that is our divine right in ALL areas of our lives - especially when it comes to love, sex, and relationships. 

Sounding good, so far? Keep reading. It gets even better.

However, for far too long i struggled in this realm of my life...

I was also a codependent perfectionist who deep down didn't believe that I was capable of taking care of myself emotionally or financially. 

I was caught in an insidious cycle of feeling bereft of love and intimacy, then totally embarrassed that it pained me so (because I wanted to be "cool" and "laid-back" about my love life), and then I would beat myself up for feeling the way that I did.

it was exhausting.

Trying (and failing) to conceal this inner turmoil took up so much of my energy - energy that I could have been putting towards sharing my unique gifts to make an impact in the world.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, there came a point when I woke up and realized I was giving my power away by feeling bad about myself for not being "chosen" by a man.

Instead of feeling like a victim of social, cultural, and family expectations for women to live their lives in a certain way, I decided to take my power back.

Once I realized that I ALONE had the power to create the life that I wanted and didn't need anyone's permission to do so, AND that I was already "good enough", I started to tune into what I really desired.

Instead of making myself wrong for wanting the things I wanted, I started getting curious about the possibilities.

I decided to become the happiest single person I knew and as a result, when I felt I was ready, I was easily able to "call in" the love of my life in just 1 week!!!

Can I get an AMEN?


Infused with deep love, intuitive presence, acceptance, and compassion, my coaching methodology combines the best of modern psychology with ancient Tantric and Taoist practices, skills as a diversity and inclusion practitioner, and the embodied wisdom of my lived experience as a multiracial woman of color.

With a background in education, leadership training, identity development, yoga, integrated love, sex, and relationship coaching and the arts, my holistic, “no BS” approach is practical, digestible, and easily applicable to your everyday life.

So, as a love and dating expert, I believe that we can meet our dream partners ANYWHERE - in line at a coffee shop, walking down the street, and even online (I met my man on OK Cupid).

However, what so many women fail to realize (mostly because it just isn't taught to us) is this:


The "Law of Attraction" teaches us that like attracts like, so if you're hanging on to a relationship that has run its course, hoping he'll come back because you're afraid to be alone or that you'll never meet anyone else - you're not emotionally available to be in your dream relationship.

Your dream partner can't find you if you're hung up on someone from your past because you're not going to be a vibrational match to each other. Similarly, of you're filled with resentment and anger towards men, believing that they're all liars and cheaters, you'll only attract people and experiences that affirm your self-limiting and negative beliefs because you'll be a vibrational match to that.

Don't get me wrong. Online dating, for instance, is a magnificent tool that allows you to connect with amazing people all over the world that you'd never get a chance to meet if it weren't for technology. However, it's just a tool.

If you haven't done the emotional and spiritual work necessary to make yourself AVAILABLE for your dream relationship, ANY tool will be useless.


Ready for a #truthbomb?

It's NOT about THEM.

It's about YOU...and, I can help.

I've made ALL the mistakes in love so you don't have to.


So, if you're seriously committed to getting the luscious, lasting love you desire this year, I have the perfect thing for you...




private 1:1 Coaching with heather

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What You Will Get Out of This Program:

  • Learn how to start TODAY with a clean slate and energetically clear your old blueprint of attracting partners so that you become a magnet to love you desire instead of what matches your conditioning

  • FINALLY begin to identify and release the layers of pain, family conditioning, disappointment, fear, and heartbreak which will unblock your daily experience of self-love and the love you desire

  • Begin to gently remove layers of shame, guilt, and fear that obstruct your natural sexual vibrancy and sexual empowerment as a woman that you must embody in order to become a magnet to your dream partner

  • Learn how to use self-pleasure and manifestation to clear the way in your psyche for the partner you truly desire and address any fear of being abandoned that might be keeping you from dating

  • Learn how to unlock and cultivate your intuition so that you can access the wisdom of your own body at any time and feel 100% confident about your decisions in love

  • Learn how to find YOUR unique balance of feminine and masculine energies so that you can embody the "queen" within and ATTRACT your dream partnership rather than trying to be the "cool girl" who pretends not to care when she really does or the "thirsty girl" who is desperately trying to manipulate herself into love

  • Learn how to stay out of overwhelm, drama, and "spin" so that you can date with confidence, a joyful presence, "inner calm", and energetic aliveness that is NATURALLY irresistible to high-quality men

  • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem so that you can fiercely and unapologetically set the necessary boundaries that will prevent you from wasting your time dating the wrong types

  • Receive emotional support and accountability along the journey so that you can develop new, empowering habits and make them stick



Wondering if I'm the right coach for you?

Here's a bit more about me:

  • I have an AB in Theatre Arts from Brown University - but our coaching relationship will be a drama-free zone

  • I am a certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor (Core Power Yoga) and incorporate Yogic/Tantric principles into my coaching, so working with me will heal your body, mind, and spirit

  • In September 2014 I completed Gabrielle Bernstein's "Spirit Junkie Masterclass" Level 1 Training - together we'll start to explore how YOU can cultivate a spiritual relationship of your own understanding that will help you to become a magnet to not only love, but all your desires

  • I have 8+ years experience working in independent schools as a Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner, K-12 Service Learning Coordinator, Coach, Facilitator, and Advisor - so I know how to share information and facilitate transformation in a way that isn't overwhelming but instead, accessible and digestible

  • In December 2014, I led a workshop for independent school educators titled "The Impact of Storytelling on Diversity Work" at the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) People of Color Conference (POCC) - stories are great, but not if they're holding you back. If you're stuck in a story about your love life and what's possible for you, that ends HERE.

  • I am currently enrolled in the Divine Living Academy Business and Coaching Certification Program for a third year in a row - I just can't get enough of the extraordinary women in this community as well as the extremely high level of mentorship.

  • And, to continue refining my skills as a Love and Lifestyle Coach, I'm thrilled to announce that I'm in the process of getting my certification as an Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationships Coach from The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality - so NOTHING is off-limits or taboo here. Our coaching relationship will be a safe space for you to begin to recover and express your original essence (the REAL you). I'll be your partner and guide through a transformational 10-step process combining ancient tantric techniques and the best of modern psychology. Each session is unique and transformational.

  • Plus, I met my man online while living in Los Angeles, one of the "toughest" cities to date in. So, I know from personal experience what it's like out there and that "calling in" your partner IS possible!


What My Clients Have to Say About Working with Me:

I strongly recommend Heather Wilson for anyone who is experiencing difficulty finding the right partner or who is looking to enhance their love life . Heather was there for me through one of the hardest times of my life.

Heather guided me through the online/app dating process and helped me to keep my power. She was there to listen and to be a voice of reason. She helped me to verbalize what it is I wanted in a man, which allowed me to take action to actually find it. With Heather’s help I am now the one in control. I started to attract high-quality men who are looking for committed relationships and marriage. What’s more is that I think I may have found the one.
— Yvette T.
I have actually worked with and talked to several other love and relationship coaches before working with Heather. What I found was they were either too rainbows and puppy dogs pie-in-the-sky romance, full of nurturing, but without tools or strategies, OR they were too impersonal, preying upon and trying to magnify my insecurities as a toxic sales tactic, OR they only did group coaching. (Yeah, so I really have actually dipped my toes in this pool quite a bit!) Heather is pure love but ALSO is fierce, funny, whip-smart, and direct, while being constructive, real, compassionate, and very generous. I dig her spunk and her style, and I feel like she just gets me. I think anyone would be crazy not to at the very least really check her out and just talk to her.
— Caroline W.

Your 4-Month Private Coaching Package includes:

  • 12 90-Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Heather over the phone or Zoom

    • 5 Jade Egg Sessions

    • 7 Coaching Sessions

  • Email Access to Heather Monday thru Friday

  • An Extensive Welcome Packet to help you hit the ground running once we start working together



A 2-Hour Mini-Intensive (over Skype)

  • Before we start your 4-Month package, let's take a deep dive into the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are robbing you of your joy. This is an AMAZING way to jumpstart your transformation. During this time, we'll come up with a clear strategy for your coaching package that will help maximize your results - let's do this!

your investment:

I desire to make my work as accessible to as many women as possible, so scholarships are available. Please email me directly at heather@heatherrebeccawilson.com for more information.

Curious about coaching but not sure if it's for you?

Schedule a FREE Chat with me NOW. During this session we’ll discover if we are the right fit for a coaching relationship.


NOW is the perfect time for you to make a bold move in the direction of…

Joy and happiness in ALL areas of your life is your DIVINE RIGHT - especially when it comes to love, sex, and relationships.

I can't wait to hear from you - let's do this!


In love and light,



P.S. Beginning a relationship with your 'beloved' is the first step on an incredible journey that will bring both you and your partner to a whole new level of creative expansion and growth - together. 

Remember, your desires are meant for you! You deserve to experience joy and happiness in every area of your life - RIGHT NOW!


What are you waiting for?


How will you feel if you're in the same place next year? 


Working with me one-on-one will never be this affordable again, so don't miss out!


or make the investment now


Luscious, lasting love is waiting for you...