What My Clients Have to Say About Working with Me:

“Meet Heather Rebecca Wilson. I’m so grateful to have spent the morning learning from this stunning, intelligent, inspiring woman. Not only is Heather an amazing Love Coach, helping singles manifest love, she is a diversity educator and a brave leader in the space of creating healing and integration in our culture around race and social justice.

I learned a lot in this workshop which I’ll be continuing to talk more about coming up. But I’ll share my most important takeaway now - I have to start speaking up more, to share what I’m learning and grappling with. To keep wading into the scary and uncomfortable waters that is talking about race, discrimination, and systems of power and privilege.

I have been studying social justice. Learning. Getting my heart broken. Getting my foundations rocked. None of this is to complain. It’s to say I’m committed to get in the game and learn, and if I want to be a leader in the space of human thriving and love, I have to share what I’m learning and intentionally create spaces for discussion, healing, and greater love and safety to grow.

No, I don’t really know how. Yes, I’m going to step in it. Over and over. But I’m committing to showing up anyway, braving the discomfort and any criticism or judgment and personal growth that will come. It’s the absolute least I can do.


“I was blown away with the awareness that my coaching sessions with Heather brought. She took me through a journey deep into the recesses of my body and spirit that brought light to a lot of things that I had been ignoring. She helped me connect the dots in various parts of my sexuality, my relationships and health that allowed me to act differently & with the changes I've made I already feel quite the shift! Thank you Heather for making my vision clearer, for facilitating a deeper awareness in my body and for allowing me to see different sides to the relationships I'm in.”


“Working with Heather gave me access to dreams and desires for my love life I didn’t know I had. Our exercises together clarified what my romantic goals are on a spiritual, emotional and bodily level. She empowered me with a vocabulary for these goals, as well as mantras and physical cues that have profoundly shifted my approach to dating on a foundational level. She is a force of love and empowerment with a special gift for communication and connectivity. Ultimately, I have learned that finding love is an active process which begins with me — thanks to Heather, I can now implement these practices so that I can properly seek the love that is seeking me.


“I wanted to work with Heather because I wanted to become more in touch with my feminine side. Because I'm an entrepreneur and in my business I have to always think or be in action, I wanted to get better at being in flow with my body and start to attract in my soulmate. I love Heather's approach to coaching because she really takes time to listen and allowed me to go through my process at my own pace. There was no end "goal" we were trying to get to. She was helping me to become aware of my patterns and the patterns blocking me from being in a loving relationship.”


“I just had a workshop on Diversity Awareness and Inclusion as a continuous education initiative from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, where I did an intensive year long program in 2017.

Heather Wilson, I am so grateful for your empowering take on this complex and urgent topic.

Innately foreign to de-humanization, I used to see the world through my eyes and that made me partially blind to the extend a pain body of racism and colonialism perpetuates in the society and is causing a chronic stress to POC. The bubble had bursted during my recent trip to Senegal. It is very different to understand an issue and to embody it with your heart.

Your personal story, an intelligent and emotional discourse left me hopeful for the future when our differences are celebrated and we can learn from our diverse stories. It is definitely my vision and I am ready to commit to the process of self-reflection.

I'm here.
I listen.
Thank you.
Please forgive me.

"Justice is what love looks in public." -Dr. Cornel West


“I have actually worked with and talked to several other love and relationship coaches before working with Heather. What I found was they were either too rainbows and puppy dogs pie-in-the-sky romance, full of nurturing, but without tools or strategies, OR they were too impersonal, preying upon and trying to magnify my insecurities as a toxic sales tactic, OR they only did group coaching. (Yeah, so I really have actually dipped my toes in this pool quite a bit!) Heather is pure love but ALSO is fierce, funny, whip-smart, and direct, while being constructive, real, compassionate, and very generous. I dig her spunk and her style, and I feel like she just gets me. I think anyone would be crazy not to at the very least really check her out and just talk to her.”


"Heather’s ability to hold a powerfully loving space allowed me to feel safe enough to delve deep into my subconscious limiting beliefs, the pain they were causing me, and where I stored that pain in my body. Through profound exercises and channeling the spirit of unconditional love and the divine feminine, we embarked on a journey that ultimately reframed my current transition from anxiety-ridden to one of the most freeing and exciting opportunities of my life so far. I am so light, and am finally allowing my inner being to provide the confidence and comfort I had so desperately been seeking outside of myself.  There is no doubt that my time with Heather brought me to the truth of who I really am. If that is what you are looking to get in touch with, Heather will help you discover that all you need lies right within you."


“Heather is a rare and priceless gift - a woman who stands for the empowerment and healing of other women. She brings a unique poise, grace, intelligence, wisdom and power to her coaching. Sessions with her made me feel like an extraordinary woman who could accomplish extraordinary things, with the guidance and counsel of another extraordinary woman who wanted to see me succeed. There is no substitute for that, and it's life changing.”


Heather and I worked together in a multiple session package that led me from confused and scattered, to deeply connected to my inner wisdom and embodiment. Heather works with the body in a way that is both intimate and practical, both novel and deeply familiar at the same time... I had a sense that her medicine invited me into a way of being that I know deeply, but that I'd forgotten how to access.

Heather led me through a multiple-session process, first identifying what type of support would best serve, then deepening into my deepest longings, and finally leading me through a series of practices that I'm now using daily to inhabit my body, desires and inner strength in a new way. The embodiment tools she led me through created a portal, an anchor to a state of being that can I can now return to at will, and I'm so grateful! 

Heather's relational style is both direct and gentle, at once validating and empowering... in our work together I experienced her as a fierce protector of the feminine, standing with me to reclaim the righteousness and "of course-ness" of my longings to return to the natural rhythms of the earth, of my body, and of my emotional landscape.

Since our work together, I've had much easier access to my center, to a state of internal spaciousness and receptivity in times of distress. I hear Heather's words often, inviting me into the possibility that what I'm actually longing for in those moments is rest, quiet and deeply nourishing, internally-directed pleasure. Thank you Heather! 

- RACHEL LEWETT, Coach, Facilitator and Writer, ReclaimYourInnerGround.com