I’m 50% Colombian and so proud to be multiracial. It’s a huge part of my identity and I realize I don’t share that side of me enough through my brand or online (that’s changing quick - wait till you see my upcoming photoshoot images!). Heather Rebecca Wilson has been someone who has taught me how to OWN my diverse cultural background and why it’s so important to be your truest self... not only because that’s where your power comes from, but also because that’s how you stand out!
— Erika Sheffer, Online Business Coach, www.erikasheffer.com
As a self-professed nerd, I have worked for over 16 years in behavioral and social science research. I was feeling increasingly overworked and yet underutilized. I was craving intellectual autonomy and opportunities to design engaging experiences, create beautiful and compelling products, and curate thought-provoking content. I was starved of sufficient time to apply emerging thought, literature, art, technology and rich conversations to my work. Until Heather. She helped me fashion a more balanced, colorful and fulfilling vision for my professional life. I’ve often counseled my research assistants and the athletes I’ve coached over the years that complacency is death. Ironically, until I began to work with Heather, I realized that I had been leading a complacent life, holding onto a stable job that is no longer bringing me joy or fulfillment.

Heather helped guide me out of the darkness. I had always resisted the idea of becoming an entrepreneur but building a company from the ground up turns out to be the stimulation I’ve been searching for. I now awake each day excited to launch myself into the day. I’ve turned a spare bedroom into a home office and studio, enlisted a business partner and am preparing for the launch of my company. My day job no longer weighs me down. I consider it “seed” funding while I learn and grown into this next phase of my life. Heather is a gem—a skilled and knowledgeable cheerleader, confidante, mentor and accountability partner. I am indebted!
— Lauren Amos
“For me the hardest part of getting started in any new venture, is overcoming the idea that you are ludicrous for even having the thought that you can take on something new. When I spoke with Heather from the very beginning she understood what I wanted to accomplish and helped me take my idea and format it into a game plan. On a weekly basis she acted as a sounding board, asking questions to help me delve deeper into my own mind and flesh out the fears I had that might hold me back. Heather introduced me to tools to help me get more organized and encouraged me to orchestrate a system to make staying on track with my deadlines less overwhelming. She is a gem and my appreciation for her is priceless.”
— Keshia Smith
I highly recommend Heather as a success coach if you’re ready and excited to make positive progress in your life
— Stacey Moses, President of Blue Sea Creative, www.blueseacreative.com