No Plans this Valentine’s Day?

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Craving more love and romance in your life?

You love sexy romance novels, “rom-coms”, and wish that your life was more like the ones you read about or see at the movies?

You could get yourself flowers and chocolates, but it’s somehow more meaningful to you coming from someone else?

You keep hearing that you need to cultivate self-love in order to attract love but you have no idea where to begin?

Oooooh, gurrl! We need to talk….

If you’re DONE fantasizing about a life filled with love and romance are ready to make it a reality, I’ve got something that you’re going LOVE…


The Jade Egg

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I stumbled upon the jade egg several years ago, after a spiritual awakening inspired me to cultivate a healthier and more empowered relationship with my sexuality. Little did I know at the time that it would become the most powerful and transformational tool in my self-healing toolbox to release somatic trauma in the body.

The Jade Egg is a beautiful, holistic self-care practice that has ancient Taoist roots going back to 100 B.C. Considered a practice for priestesses to cultivate high levels of spiritual energy, it was also taught to courtesans to maintain youth, beauty, and vitality.

Today, the jade egg provided vagina-bodied womxn with a tangible tool and practical process to shift their emotional reality with their bodies, heal and integrate shame and trauma, and express pleasure and sexuality in a celebratory and life-affirming way.

I believe that the jade egg is having a moment in modern culture because humanity is ready to transition to the next level of evolutionary consciousness. Women are leading the way.

Our vaginas and sexual energy are the source of our power and creativity. The world is SO in need of womxn’s power and creativity right now!

The Divine Feminine is rising to not only balance and harmonize masculine and feminine energies, but to also help heal our individual and collective pain-body around slavery, racism, colonization, sexism, and misogyny. This process is holistic, trauma-informed, and a spiritual transformation at its core.

The jade egg gives women a regular practice to:

  • remove shame, guilt, and fear,

  • integrate sexual, racialized, ancestral, intergenerational trauma, and judgement and

  • experience/express one’s pleasure and sexuality in a celebratory and life-affirming way.

This holistic approach to women’s sexuality has wide ranging effects and can often show improvements in health.

A regular Jade Egg practice can help you to:

  • Increase self-love

  • Enjoy sex more

  • Attract a reciprocal partner

  • Feel like a living goddess on earth in your body

  • Alleviate anxiety & depression

  • Reconnect with and re-ignite the spark between you and a long-term partner

  • Release religious/cultural/family guilt & shame

  • Begin healing & integrating sexual, racialized, intergenerational, and ancestral trauma

  • Access your innate divine power & creative potential

  • Develop a strong yet relaxed vagina/yoni/pussy

In this 2-hour class you will learn:

  • the origin of the jade egg practice

  • why jade?

  • about the many benefits of the practice (physical & psycho-emotional)

  • how to maximize hygiene and safety

  • a simple practice (without the egg inside), “yoni yoga”, to get you started

  • foundational energy/chi and breathwork practices to support you and your body on your healing journey

*We will not be inserting the jade egg during this class, however we will be engaging your pelvic floor muscles in a short “yoni yoga” practice to give you an idea of what it can feel like in your own body. Wear comfortable clothing (yoga clothes are great) and have a pillow, blanket, and/or yoga mat nearby to get cozy!

Tickets: $15.00 per person

Thursday, February 14th from 6pm to 8pm PST on Zoom

See you then, sweet sister!