Heather Rebecca Wilson
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hi. I'm heather.

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I'm a:

 transformational leadership and love coach, diversity and inclusion consultant, inspirational speaker, and artist.

I am absolutely passionate about supporting women, who crave a deeper, more integrated, and culturally competent understanding of their identity and vision for the world, to become the transformational leaders that will help to transition humanity to the next level of evolutionary consciousness. 


I'm committed to:

  • being a brave leader and powerful voice for creating healing and integration around race, sexuality, and social justice in our culture and 
  • helping schools and businesses build stronger communities by creating unique, emotionally dynamic, transformational programming/experiences that activate and change you.


did you know...

  • that transforming your experience of love, sex, and all different kinds of relationships (especially with people who are not like us) happens NOT from trying to be different or someone you're not, but by doing the DEEP work to release the blockages, fears, and contractions around our hearts to reveal the love, health, and wholeness that is your natural state?
  • that when both men and women can express their original essence without guilt or shame, and in the face of fear, we naturally become leaders that are inclusive, creative, and transformational?
  • that you're not here by accident? That the evolutionary impulse inside of each and every one of us to GROW and CREATE has led you here for a reason?
  • We all have a natural instinct for healing that brings the "stuff" that is "messy AF" to the forefront of our consciousness for integration when the time is right?
We must be the change we want to see in the world
— Mahatma Ghandi


I'm here to help YOU do the work. The world needs you to make your unique leadership contribution. Are you ready? The journey begins now...



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