Summertime Shifts

Hello, beloved -

I’m finally back in Venice after several busy weeks of travel. 

As I mentioned in my last email, after coming back from Spirit Weavers and before I left for DC, I am still in the process of integrating A LOT.

I’m realizing that saying “yes” to this work of ancestral healing means downloads come hard and fast. There are little to no breaks.

Family time in DC was wonderful and at the same time incredibly intense. Our most recent trip to San Clemente, CA was also filled with ups and downs.

Now that I’m finally back home (for a few weeks at least) I’m feeling called to revamp routines to conserve even more energy (doing inner work can be exhausting), spend more time at home in my space, and protect my personal life in order to grow strong roots that will support me going forward on this journey of shedding colonial patterns and remembering our magic.

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Womxn of Color Healing Circle 

Thursday, 7/11 at WMN Space

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Intro to the Jade Egg 

Thursday, 7/18 at WMN Space

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Sending you all so much love,

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