Shedding Colonial Patterns, Remembering Our Magic, and Sustainability

Hello, beloved -

I hope this note is finding you well after this past Memorial Day weekend. Instead of viewing this holiday as the “official start of summer” in the US, this year I’m particularly present to the sacrifices that my ancestors on both sides of my family made in the name of “liberty and justice for all”.

My maternal grandfather, Pablo Macariola or “Papa Lolo”, fought for the Americans during WWII and was a prisoner of war. My mother was able to come to the states from the Philippines in 1967 on the GI Bill because of his service.

My paternal grandfather, Robert Wilson Sr. or “Grandpa”, was a lieutenant colonel in the army and fought in the Korean War. In the photo below you’ll see that he had the honor of being part of the military escort for Eleanor Roosevelt back in the day.


However, in light of all this work I’ve been doing to dismantle internalized oppression (it’s mostly a joy but it is also extremely laborious), heal the ancestral lines on both sides of my family, and learning to become a responsible steward of my own ancestral healing traditions and wisdom, my relationship to Memorial Day has become way more complex.

So, along with celebrating my recent ancestors’ sacrifices and bravery, I am also experiencing more grief and sadness.


I’m feeling how disconnected I, and the rest of our society, have been from the lived realities of war. The pain. The trauma. The violence. The inhumanity.

I’m just beginning to truly understand the history of the relationship between the Philippines and the US. No surprise, the more that I uncover, the more horrified I become.

I weep for the land in the Philippines.

I weep for Turtle Island (the name for North America used by many Native Americans and First Nations people and by indigenous rights activists).

I weep for the blood-soaked soil full of bones and shrapnel.

I weep for the waters.

I weep for the lives lost.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m feeling called to return to the Philippines within the next year to make an offering.

My plan is to literally bleed on the ground, meditate on the land, and listen to whatever messages the plants, the ocean, my ancestors, and the spirit of the “babaylan” have for me.

When I come back to the states, as I mentioned in my last communication to you, I’m envisioning creating a multi-sensory and multimedia community healing/building event, using the multiple intelligences/gifts our creator gave us.

Thank you for witnessing me along this journey of unlearning and remembering. It has been tremendously healing for me and my family to be able to share this experience with you.


However, in order to make this endeavor - beginning to heal and integrate our individual and collective pain-bodies of slavery, colonization, racism, sexism, and misogyny - sustainable, effective, and truly liberatory, I am making some changes to the way I do things around here.

Wait for it…

I’m excited to announce that I have made the decision to move my creative work to Patreon.

If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s an easy way for those interested in my work to see new content and updates before anyone else. AND, folks who desire to support my creative work with a monthly financial donation can do so.


By contributing as little as $1 per month (or every time I release something), patrons will enable me to dedicate more of my time to creating by helping cover the many costs incurred from my work.

Unlike most creators on this platform, all of my content will be in front of the paywall, so that you don’t have to be a Patron to engage with it. There are also no levels or tiers with different rewards (read more about why I’ve decided to move in this direction here)

As part of my community, I wanted to share the news with you first before promoting more widely. I would absolutely love it if you were interested in becoming one of my first patrons and helping me lay a strong foundation for this community building, healing-centered project of shedding colonial patterns and reclaiming our magic.

If you’re not in the position to become a Patron, no worries at all! Your support means the world to me and I’d be so happy to hear any feedback (good or bad) you could share in regards to my page. Thank you so much for your support!

However, if you’ve been inspired by my creative work and feel called to be a bigger part of helping humanity transition to the next level of evolutionary consciousness, AND you can sustain a monthly contribution (any amount), it would mean SO much to me! Become a Patron here.

Other Ways You Can Show Support

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Sending you so much love!

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