Blessings in the Bay Area

Hello, beloved -

Greetings from Venice! I’m back home for a couple of weeks before I head off to Cave Junction, OR to facilitate a number of “Jade Egg Liberation” workshops at the Spirit Weavers Gathering.

I’m integrating so much from my recent trip to the Bay Area that I will share with you soon, but for now, here are some highlights:

My cousin, Druh, who was born in the Philippines, and I spent a lot of time together visioning a holistic healing plan for our family and ancestral lines.

I got to catch up with other family members (more cousins, aunts - we call them “titas” in our culture - and one of my young nephews), sharing food, laughter, and lots of love.


I found a cool co-working space in SF by Embarcadero where I got A LOT of work done.

I attended the in-person section of the “Our Spirits, Ourselves” class that I’m taking through Liberation Spring, and had a beautiful experience connecting with other members of this incredible transformational learning community, some of whom were other “pinays” doing similar work around decolonization.

AND, my coach/mentor, Anjali, and I had a powerful 2-hour, one-on-one session in Oakland in which she helped me to flesh out more of my grant proposal, and identify, with more specificity, my own process of racialization as a multiracial woman of color in the settler colonial US.

The whole trip was an enormous blessing and I am SO grateful.

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I will check in with you at least one more time before I leave for the Spirit Weavers Gathering, but just a heads up, I will be off-grid for most of June.

Having said that, if you’ve been moved by my creative work and are feeling called to begin your own holistic journey to shed colonial patterns and move into deeper integrity in your life, work, and relationships with your body, Mother Earth, all living things, humanity, the Divine, and your ancestors, NOW is the time to schedule a complimentary connection call with me here so that we can get into this work together before my schedule completely fills up for the summer!

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Intro to the Jade Egg

Thursday, May 23rd at WMN Space

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The Jade Egg is a carved and polished egg-shaped piece of jade and is worn inside the vagina/yoni to strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor. This practice has ancient Taoist roots going back to 100 B.C. Considered a practice for priestesses to cultivate high levels of spiritual energy, it was also taught to courtesans to maintain youth, beauty, and vitality.

This beautiful, holistic practice gives women a tangible method for shifting their emotional reality with their bodies, healing and integrating trauma, and liberating sexual expression in a life-affirming and celebratory way.

A regular Jade Egg practice can help you to:

Enjoy sex more

Feel like a living goddess on earth

Alleviate anxiety & depression

Reconnect with your long-term partner

Release religious/cultural/family guilt & shame

Begin healing & integrating sexual, racialized, intergenerational, and ancestral trauma

Access your innate divine power & creative potential

Develop a strong yet relaxed yoni

Tickets are $45.00. Accessibility is important to me so no one will be turned away for lack of funds (please DM me on Instagram or just respond to this email if this is the case for you). All vagina-bodied women welcome!

Save your spot in this powerful circle here.⁣

Sending you all so much love

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