Are You in Your Gift?

Hello, beloved -

Greetings from San Francisco! I am delighted to be in the Bay Area for the first time since this past summer, reconnecting with the Filipino side of my family and attending an in-person section of a virtual class I’m taking through Liberation Spring called, “Our Spirits, Ourselves”.

Our homework for the week was listening to an audio recording of John Trudell’s, Mining the Human Spirit.

I must confess that I had not heard of him until last week, so I had very little idea about what I was getting into when I first listened to it. I am so thankful to our facilitator/teacher, Anjali, for sharing this incredible resource with us. It. Shook. Me.

I have listened to it multiple times already and I’m still getting so much out of it. It is POTENT medicine.

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John Trudell (1946-2015) was a Native American (Santee-Dakota) author, poet, actor, musician, and political activist. Known for his cultural production and philosophy, he was also the spokesperson for the United Indians of All Tribes' takeover of Alcatraz beginning in 1969, broadcasting as Radio Free Alcatraz and was the Chairperson of the American Indian Movement.

He tragically lost his wife and three children in a suspicious house fire that the FBI refused to investigate after a flag burning incident in 1979. Other loved ones mysteriously disappeared after other instances of opposing state and corporate power.

It is important to make the distinction between the folks that give their life or lose loved ones for decolonization and those who just write about it (that would be me) - it’s a different praxis.

John Trudell was the “real deal”. I am deeply moved by the life-altering, personal sacrifices he made in the name of getting us free.

I needed to hear this audio. While this piece is so rich and multilayered, one awareness really resonated with me. That is, we honor and respect our creator by perceiving our reality with as much clarity as possible, using our multiple intelligences - the gifts our creator gave us.

I love how unapologetic he was about what he believed and how he lived his life, and yet how non-judgmental he was towards others who didn’t share the same views.

He saw that judging ourselves was a form of oppression - not a responsibility or a right, encouraged embracing our human imperfections, and always circled back to respecting our creator by using the tools we’ve been given.

This assignment has given me so much to reflect on as he addressed the key themes of perception, memory, and thinking, in such profound ways.

This piece came into my awareness at the perfect time, as I’m currently working on a grant proposal for a project that is definitely requiring that I use all of my multiple intelligences.

My initial vision is to create a multimedia and multisensory community building/healing event inspired by my holistic healing journey to dismantle internalized oppression and heal my ancestral line on both sides of my family from the intergenerational impact of slavery, colonization, sexism, racism, and misogyny.

As part of this project I plan to go back to the Philippines for at least 3 weeks, specifically to where my family lived for so many years in the Visayas, to meditate on the land and make an offering.

What messages will the land, the plants, and my ancestors have for me?

How does the spirit of the “babaylan” (the pre-colonial female leader/priestess/healer/warrior/sage) desire to come through me?

Right now I have a strong feeling that I will be creating many paintings, writing a lot more, speaking, and holding sacred space, but I am open to whatever arises.


The energetic transmission of John Trudell’s words feel like rocket fuel for this project. Affirmation that I am on the right path - honoring and respecting my creator by using all the gifts I’ve been given.

Are you in YOUR gift? What is the role of power in your current understanding of healing and spirituality?


If you’re stirred by what I’ve shared today, I warmly invite you to schedule a complimentary connection call with me here so that we can get into this work together!

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The Empress Festival

Monday, May 20th (Virtual)


Join me and a panel of eleven other amazing “soulpreneurs” and lightworkers on Monday, May 20th, from 11am to 1pm PST  for the “Empress Festival”.

We’ll be discussing spiritual practices, sacred wisdom, and ascension tools to help YOU, our fellow divine counterparts, succeed at life in the 5D. Join us for F*REE here.

Intro to the Jade Egg

Thursday, May 23rd at WMN Space

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The Jade Egg is a carved and polished egg-shaped piece of jade and is worn inside the vagina/yoni to strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor. This practice has ancient Taoist roots going back to 100 B.C. Considered a practice for priestesses to cultivate high levels of spiritual energy, it was also taught to courtesans to maintain youth, beauty, and vitality.

This beautiful, holistic practice gives women a tangible method for shifting their emotional reality with their bodies, healing and integrating trauma, and liberating sexual expression in a life-affirming and celebratory way.

A regular Jade Egg practice can help you to:

Enjoy sex more

Feel like a living goddess on earth

Alleviate anxiety & depression

Reconnect with your long-term partner

Release religious/cultural/family guilt & shame

Begin healing & integrating sexual, racialized, intergenerational, and ancestral trauma

Access your innate divine power & creative potential

Develop a strong yet relaxed yoni

Tickets are $45.00. Accessibility is important to me so no one will be turned away for lack of funds (please DM me on Instagram or just respond to this email if this is the case for you). All vagina-bodied women welcome!

Save your spot in this powerful circle here.⁣

Sending you all so much love

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