Happy Beltane (aka May Day)!

Hello, beloved -

Happy Beltane (aka May Day)!

“Beltane” is the Celtic celebration of peak Spring with a focus on fertility, adventure, wildness, passion, creativity, freedom, intuition, and living from our hearts rather than our minds.

In other words, Beltane celebrates the “divine feminine” in all her glory!

While I’m excited for this time of year (you know I love flowers), I’m also doing a lot of digesting and integrating A LOT right now.

The downloads are coming hard and fast. I can barely keep with them!

I shared some Earth Day reflections with you last week and that I’d like to continue here, as I’m having more realizations each and every day.

Every day is Earth Day, but last Monday I was surprised to find myself full of mixed emotions.

Reflecting on my relationship with Mother Earth I experienced deep gratitude, reverence, awe, humility, and joy. At the same time I felt profound guilt and sadness.

It has been such a privilege and pleasure to be a part of a transformative learning community called Liberation Spring for the past year or so.

In this season's class, "Our Spirits, Ourselves", one of our learning objectives is "unlearning hyper-individualistic consumerism, spiritual bypassing & materialism, neocolonialism, nonconsensual appropriative entitlement, naiveté, & capitalist profiteering".

As a result, I've had to think critically about not only how I and my cultures have been subject to "vampirism" and "extractivism", but also how I have been a "spiritual vampire" and extracted from other cultures, peoples, lands, Mother Earth, etc.


As a multiracial womxn of color descended from multiple indigenous peoples from all over the world (including the Celts in my paternal lineage) it is STILL possible for me to culturally appropriate (even from my own cultures).

As such, it is part of my practice to keep a careful eye on how I might be replicating oppressive structures/behaviors in my own work.

This most recent class with Liberation Spring is taking this inquiry even deeper by inviting me to explore how can I be a responsible steward of my OWN ancestral traditions as opposed to feeling entitled to use/extract from other cultures any time I feel I "need" healing.

The work of decolonizing is not easy. These conversations are not easy.

However, if I'm claiming that being in right relationship with Mother Earth, my ancestors, the rest of humanity and all living creatures, as well as the Divine, is essential to my/our return to wholeness, spiritual bypassing is not an option.

Again, the downloads are coming hard and fast. I have a lot to think about and process, so get ready to see some changes made to some of my offerings in the near future.

In the meantime, in what ways have you and your cultures been subject to “spiritual vampirism” and “extractivism”? In what ways have you been a “spiritual vampire” or “extractive”?

I believe the Divine Feminine is calling ALL of us to something higher.

Healing this pain-body of slavery, colonization, racism, sexism, and misogyny is the next necessary step we must take in order for humanity to transition to the next level of evolutionary consciousness.

We must heal on an individual as well as on a collective level, and this process is trauma-sensitive, justice-informed, and a spiritual transformation at its core.

The blessed news is that your healing journey

can start NOW.

If you’re feeling the call of the Divine Feminine, just as I have, to reconnect with your body, your power, your ancestors, and Mother Earth, let’s be in this together, sister!

Book a complimentary 20-minute connection call with me here and let’s see how I can support you as we engage in this collective healing work in the name of love.

Peace and blessings

xoxo, H

P.S.  If you’re struggling to manifest your desires in life and work, I have created a beautiful guided meditation and journal prompts to help you connect with Mother Earth, the Divine, and your ancestry as the essential foundation and inspiration for your creativity. The prayers of my ancestors, my connection to nature, and the divine fuel and flow through my work everyday. It’s my gift to you and you can download it for F*REE here.

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