My First Reflections on Temple Dancing & Yoni Streaming

Hello, beloved community-

Wow. I love living in LA and this past weekend was a great example of why this city, even with all of its flaws, is so freakin’ cool.

I’ve attended a number of powerful events over the past few days and since I’m still processing and digesting everything, I’m just going to give you a taste of what went on for now…

On Friday evening I attended a “Tantric Temple Dancer Yoni Steam Playshop”, led by my friends, Sabrina Vedete and iX-chel (pronounced eee-shell) Sandivel, where I tried temple dancing and yoni/vaginal steaming for the first time.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with yoni or vaginal steaming, it is a self-care ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years by womxn across the planet. My mom remembers womxn utilizing this healing modality back in our ancestral homeland, the Philippines, when recovering from childbirth.

It is an herbal medicine practice that supports healing of feminine imbalances such as UTIs/infections, menstrual pain & PMS, healing from surgical scars, and trauma release, just to name a few examples.

I’ll be sharing more about this later, but in the meantime, if you’re curious and want more information on this practice, please visit and explore for yourself.

I absolutely loved the movement piece of this playshop. Having studied ballet as a child and into my early teenage years, dancing feels good, familiar, and easy in my body. I don’t do it enough, to be honest, so I was grateful for the opportunity.

So what is temple dancing? According to our guide, Ix-Chel, temple dancers, known as “devadasi”, offered their dance as an essential part of temple worship. She explains that,

dancing was seen as a spiritual devotion. The temple dancers were literally ‘servants of God’ of initiatresses of Tantric Yoga, they served an important role. They were considered to be the mistresses of the temple gods, the embodiments of the Gopis and emanations of Lakshmi. The prosperity of the country was believed to be related to the rites and activities of the temple dancers.

You can learn more about iX-Chel’s work here:

It was such an honor and so nourishing to circle up, learn these new practices, express, and heal in community with other like-minded womxn.

And that was just the beginning of the weekend!

I have so much more to share and I trust the divine timing of how it will all unfold. All I know is that this was a deeply transformational weekend full of new learnings, experiences, and connections that are already influencing my work in the world.

I believe the Divine Feminine is calling ALL of us to something higher.

Healing this pain-body of slavery, colonization, racism, sexism, and misogyny is the next necessary step we must take in order for humanity to transition to the next level of evolutionary consciousness. We must heal on an individual as well as on a collective level, and this process is trauma-sensitive, justice-informed, and a spiritual transformation at its core.

The blessed news is that your healing journey

can start NOW.


If you’re feeling the call of the Divine Feminine, just as I have, to reconnect with your body, your sexuality, your power, your ancestors, and Mother Earth, let’s get into it together, sister!

I am here for it. Are you?

Book a complimentary 20-minute connection call with me here and let’s see how I can support you as we engage in this collective healing work in the name of love.

Peace and blessings,

xoxo, Heather

P.S.  If you’re struggling to manifest your desires in life and work, I have created a beautiful guided meditation and journal prompts to help you connect with Mother Earth, the Divine, and your ancestry as fuel and inspiration for your creativity. The prayers of my ancestors, my connection to nature, and the divine fuel and flow through my work everyday. It’s my gift to you and you can download it for F*REE here.

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