Happy Spring Equinox!

Hello, beloved community-

Happy Spring Equinox!

I hope this message is finding you well and gently transitioning from Winter to Spring (or Summer to Autumn, depending on which hemisphere you’re located in).

Across cultures (see Iran, Japan, India, Ancient Rome, etc.), the Spring Equinox (celebrated any time between 3/20 - 3/23) marks a time of transition and new beginnings.

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I am a big fan of spring. I love seeing the crocuses emerge from the earth and all the subsequent flowers that appear - the daffodils, forsythia, tulips, etc.

The world is bursting with life and I am inspired to take a fresh look at my life and begin again.

Even though I’m present to some resistance around the start of this season of taking creative action, renewal, and reawakening in my mind, over the past few days I’ve been feeling my body responding to mother nature.

I’m starting to crave lots of greens - salads, smoothies, juices, etc. Also, I’m finding the fragrance of blooming flowers to be intoxicatingly pleasurable.


Sarah Avant Stover, author of “The Way of the Happy Woman”, writes that,

“every woman, whether she realizes it or not, is a creative genius. Within her lives the capacity to bring forth new life and to regenerate during each moon cycle and each spring. Life, and our vitality, bursts forth in the springtime. This season calls your innate creativity to awaken and make itself known, just as a seedling pushes through the thawing soil past roots and rocks toward the light. Now your visions and deep dreaming from the winter comes into being...the spring exhales the intoxicating fragrance of radical possibility. Who do you want to be know? How do you want to live? What’s ready to come to life inside of you?”

The Spring Equinox, also known as “ostara”, according to the Celtic tradition, marks the time of year when there is an equal amount of darkness and light. It’s all about balance.

Springtime brings freshness, peace, harmony, renewal, understanding, and finding wisdom and truth from our learning. Energetically, our path feels clear and we step into the light with delight, excitement, and curiosity about the possibilities.

Which dreams and visions from Winter are developing and growing?

What are you ready to take creative action on?

Women of Color Healing Circle at WMN Space

on Thursday, March 21st

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Otherwise, Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements coming up soon...

Sending you all so much love!

xoxo, Heather

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