Happy International Womxn's Day!

Happy International Womxn’s Day!


Let’s celebrate our power, resiliency, beauty, and creativity by learning how to connect to and amplify our life force energy.

Womxn are the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine/Mother Nature/Mother Earth.


Winter isn’t quite over, so I’m still milking any chance I get to rest up. By the way, “womxn” is a more inclusive term of women that promotes “intersectionality” (see Kimberle Crenshaw’s work on this), which is the overlap of different kinds of discrimination based on for example, sex, race, class, ability, sexuality, etc.

Designed to destabilize and transgress boundaries of classification, hierarchies, and false binaries, “womxn” is used to get away from patriarchal language and be more inclusive of all kinds of women, especially trans women.

Getting back to womxn being the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine, our vaginas/yonis/pussies are our connection to our creativity, life force energy, and Mother Earth. They are portals and oracles - the source of our power.

Womxn have been conditioned to believe that our bodies are sinful, dirty, dangerous, and shameful. This has been done purposely to cut us off from our power.

This March, as we celebrate Womxn’s History Month and International Womxn’s Day, let’s take our power back. It’s time to reclaim our joy and experience the authentic expression of nature within us without guilt, shame, or fear.

Let’s start the process with being in right relationship with our bodies and Mother Earth.

My experience is that when womxn heal ourselves, we lift up everyone around us, and heal the planet.

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Jade Egg Workshop at U-Nify Los Angeles

on Saturday, March 9th

Intro to the Jade Egg at WMN Space

on Thursday, March 14th

Women of Color Healing Circle at WMN Space

on Thursday, March 21st

Stay tuned for some more exciting announcements coming up soon...

Sending you all so much love!

xoxo, Heather

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