The Divine Presence of God at a Pole Dancing Event?

Hello, beloved community-

I just had the most awesome weekend here in LA.

On Sunday morning I attended the late service at Agape International Spiritual Center for more spiritual nourishment. I always feel the divine presence of God there, especially through the music.

Speaking of music, I auditioned for the Agape International Choir after the service and...I made it! I’m officially a second soprano in this world renowned choir that I’ve wanted to join since 2006!

I’m still in shock over it, to be honest.

Earlier that day I attended a “Kumare Circle”in Santa Monica hosted by “Entrepinayship”, a group for Filipina entrepreneurs in SoCal to network, build community, and share business resources.

“Kumare” means close female friend in Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines.

I met so many incredible women there and it truly warmed my heart to gather with other “pinays” in are in different stages of starting their own businesses.

If you’ve been following me for a bit you’ll know that one of the themes of Winter is “ancestor work”.

Participating in this circle was a beautiful experience that helped me feel even more connected to my roots. It was such a blessing and I definitely felt the divine presence of God there.

Lastly, on Saturday night Loren and I attended a “Cirque du Soleil” style pole dancing event at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood.

I bought tickets for the show on a whim and really did not know what to expect.

The Pole Show LA is world’s leading pole dance production featuring the industry’s biggest stars and we were completely blown away by the athleticism and artistry of all the performers.


I was particularly present to how honored I felt to witness these talented women as they fully embodied their feminine energy and expressed their sexuality with zero shame. It was so empowering and guess what, I also felt the divine presence of God there!

The point is the divine presence of God is everywhere. There is never an absence of it and you will find it in the unlikeliest of places.

Here’s the truth:

Women’s sexuality is sacred and a portal to the divine.

However, we’ve been so conditioned as women that expressing our sexuality is dirty, evil, and basically unsafe. A big part of my work is shifting this paradigm.

I’ve got some exciting announcements coming up in the next few weeks that will shed light on some how you can also be a part of this life-changing paradigm shift. Stay tuned!


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Sending you all so much love!

xoxo, Heather

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