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Hello, beloved community-

While the energy of the Divine Feminine has been rumbling and rising since way before any of us were born, I’ve been feeling an acceleration and increased intensity for the past year or so, with so much coming to a head at the Kavanaugh/Supreme Court hearings in Washington, DC this past Autumn.

I believe the Divine or Sacred Feminine is rising to:

  • Bring masculine and feminine energies back into harmonious balance and

  • help humanity heal and integrate the collective pain-body of colonization, slavery, racism, sexism, and misogyny

I also believe that this healing and balancing is the next necessary step that humanity must take in order to transition to the next level evolutionary consciousness.

Minke de Vos, author of “Tao Tantric Arts for Women”, senior Universal Healing Tao instructor, and medical Qigong master therapist, writes that

“The playful dance of the Tao is like a cosmic seesaw: when the yin rises, the yang recedes, and when the yang rises, the yin recedes. We are coming to a time of equilibrium when the seesaw is even and the masculine and feminine can look into each other’s eyes and see the Divine in each other. This is a profound opportunity for love that opens us to higher consciousness.”

So what exactly are “yin” and “yang” energies?

In the Taoist tradition, they refer to the light and dark sides of the mountain. The universe is a dance of polarity between these two energies, with neither one being better or worse than the other. The interplay between yin and yang make the world go round. They are polar and complementary opposites.


Each of us has a unique balance of masculine and feminine energies inside of us. Minke de Vos goes on to write that,

“in every movement, the flow itself is the feminine aspect, while your awareness of the flow and the way you direct it are masculine aspects. There are different yet inseparable...often yin craves yang: the deep, dark part of our feminine self longs for fullness, color, and radiance. In a similar way, the masculine part of our self, which is light craves the deep, inward meditative stillness needed to nurture itself. 

Here are some examples of the attributes of  yin and yang, masculine and feminine:

Essential Yin: earth, moon, water, Life force/Shakti, flow, passive, inward and deep, dark and night, slow

Essential Yang: heaven, sun, fire, movement, Consciousness/Shiva, form, active, outward and surface, Light and day, fast 

Essential Feminine: Fullness, sensual, body, receptive, nurturing, subtle, surrender, emotional, expressive, thrives on praise, process oriented, soft and curvy

Essential Masculine: Emptiness, mental, mind, penetrative, direct, protective, Initiates, rational, competitive, conquering nature, thrives on challenge, goal oriented, hard and angular

However, the idea that these energies are complementary and not organized hierarchically (a Eurocentric and colonized approach), with the masculine seen as the “norm” and the feminine as a substandard variation, goes directly against EVERYTHING we are directly or indirectly taught about masculinity and femininity in Western culture.

Through my studies at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I’ve learned from working with my own sexual energy and guiding many clients in my private coaching program, that yin is all about being filled from the inside out, including every cell of the body.

Society teaches women to fear this and as a result we’re TERRIFIED of yin.

It also teaches men to be yang and that in order for women to be “successful”, we must copy them.

There is a resistance to/fear of/disconnection from yin and this isn’t good for ANYONE, men or women.

I know from just being inside my own relationship that men are feeling the rise of the Divine Feminine as well. It’s my observation that there isn’t enough support for men to do this healing work of cultivating yin to balance their energies (If you know of any men doing this work of holding space for other men, please let me know as I always have people asking me for resources. I know of a few, but we definitely need more! There is so much suffering to attend to and the men are crying out for it, whether they realize it or not).


As a Transformational Coach and Sacred Space Holder for Women, and as a woman myself, I’m currently focused on being a wayshower for women to heal themselves first, knowing that this healing will naturally radiate out to affect their immediate families, communities, and then the world.

For women, our culture’s elevation of the masculine at the expense of the feminine, leads to burn-out, dis-ease, depression, numbness, body hatred/shame, and cycling through the same relationship patterns over and over again.

Our power comes from embodying our authentic expression of nature and cultivating a harmonious balance of the masculine and feminine within us.

AND, each season, cycle, and rhythm of nature has its own wisdom impart.

Are you ready to surrender to and receive this wisdom for your own good, the good of humanity, as well as the planet?

If so, I warmly invite you and a friend to join me and the AMAZING Francesca James, on Friday, January 18th from 7pm to 10pm, and Saturday, January 19th from 10am to 6pm, in Venice, CA, for our retreat, “Seasons, Cycles, & Rhythms: Embodying the Authentic Expression of Nature within Women.”


Seasons, Cycles, & Rhythms:

Embodying the Authentic Expression of Nature within Women



 During this retreat, we’ll start “pulling weeds” and “planting seeds” for you to have your most powerful and embodied year ever.

During this experience you will learn:

  • Various tools and practices to embody the authentic expression of nature within you, including my personal favorite self-healing tool, the Jade Egg!

  • How to begin to cultivate a mind-body connection with your sexuality and divine erotic nature

  • The power of sisterhood and being in community with other like-minded women

  • How to wake up to your innate power by reconnecting with your joy

  • How to tune into your own seasons, cycles, and rhythms so that you enjoy ease and flow in all areas of your life


  • Light vegetarian dinner on Friday night

  • Light vegetarian lunch and refreshments throughout the day on Saturday

  • A gorgeous workbook full of information we’ve intentionally curated for you to take notes and to use as guidance and inspiration going forward as you start embody the authentic expression of nature within you in 2019!

Learn more and get your tickets here. This event is open to all cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming women.

If you’re in LA or wanting to get out of town for the holiday weekend we’d love to connect with you. There is NOTHING like being in community with other like-minded women at a LIVE event. Francesca and I have been joyfully co-creating this experience for a while now and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for you!

Peace, love, and blessings,

Heather xoxo


PS - One of the tools we’ll be sharing during “Seasons, Cycles, & Rhythms” retreat in January is the Jade Egg. If you’re curious about what this powerful and transformational holistic self-care practice can do for your sexual health, personal empowerment, and spiritual growth, you don’t want to miss this event! Click here to save your spot.

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