The Impact of the Solar Eclipse on My Love Life and Yours

I’m writing you as I’m enjoying a sunny afternoon on the beach in Marina del Rey. Today I’m contemplating my intentions for the uber-powerful new moon total solar eclipse in Leo. Apparently this new moon carries the strength of three new moons wrapped up in one. Buckle your seatbelts, everyone!

I’ve been feeling for quite some time now that the Venice chapter of my life is coming to a close. I’m not exactly sure when this will happen, but I am feeling a strong pull to go elsewhere along the California coast; somewhere less crowded, polluted, and expensive.

While I’ve loved my time here, I no longer feel the need to live in Venice full-time to enjoy all the things I love about it.


So, I’m not exactly sure where we’ll be going or when, but I know with absolute certainty in my heart and my bones that a transition is underway. The world seems different. Priorities have shifted and I’m ready for something new.

Thank goodness that I have a such a loving and supportive partner in Loren. He is such an angel and I’m excited to be making this transition together, as a team.

So, my intention for this crazy new moon is to find a perfect place for Loren and I to start creating a home together. I intend for it to be easy and delightful. I will keep you posted!

What did the eclipse bring up for you? Is it time for a change? A new direction? Did something that seemed so foggy before come into clear view?

Take some time this week to process any emotions that came up for you during the eclipse. Feel into your body. What messages does it have for you to support your evolution? What do you intend to manifest in this next lunar cycle?

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Enjoy these last few weeks of summer. Go to the beach. Play in the pool. Eat a huge slice of watermelon while sitting in the grass. Follow your intuition and give yourself what you need to thrive now.

It’s hard to believe that my favorite season is almost over, but I look forward to seeing what the releasing energy of fall will bring into your life and mine.
All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo

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