A Scientific Perspective on Intimacy

Greetings from Venice! As I was surfing the internet this week I stumbled across a fascinating article in “Scientific American” on how to have hot, passionate sex that resonated with the work I’ve been doing recently.

The key, according to science, is INTEGRATION. This is in complete alignment with what I’ve been studying all year in my sex, love, and relationships coaching certification program.

Author Scott Barry Kaufman explains that in a series of studies, Frédérick Philippe, Robert Vallerand, and colleagues studied a concept they identify as harmonious sexual passion, which is “passion for sex that is well integrated and in harmony with other aspects of the self, creating minimal conflict with other areas of life...harmonious integration of one’s sexual desires frees one up to fully engage and enjoy sexual activity in an open, spontaneous, and non-defensive manner.”

Sexual empowerment is fundamental to your ability to attract the luscious, lasting love into your life.

I believe that we are all sensual beings by nature and that our sexuality is beautiful. It is a core part of our bodies and ourselves, making it impossible to truly love oneself without a deep, grounded acceptance of our authentic sexuality.

A thriving, vibrant, and sexuality is available to ALL of us and is the basis of all high-functioning relationships. However it must be understood, cultivated, and celebrated!

If your greatest desire is to meet your fun, sexy, dream partner this year, cultivating harmonious sexual passion” could very well be the missing piece.

You can read the full article from Scientific American here.

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All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo


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