Fireworks and Flexibility

If you live in the US or celebrate US Independence Day, I hope you had an amazing 4th of July.

I’m just coming back online after 3 eventful days with my man, Loren, south of LA in the laid back and gorgeous beach towns of Dana Point and San Clemente.

We woke up early Sunday morning to claim a day camping spot with a firepit on Doheny State Beach. While it was a little painful getting up at 3:30 AM, it was so worth it!

Once the fog burned off we had a full day of sun, swimming, picnicking, biking around the Dana Point Harbor, watching the sunset, and roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

We stayed the night at Loren’s parents’ timeshare in Dana Point. The next we packed up the car and headed to San Clemente to pay homage to our favorite flip flop shop - the Rainbow Sandals Factory Outlet. With my new Rio backpack chair, I’ve totally become a total beach nerd!

After purchasing two new pairs of Rainbows, we drove down to the pier to have a picnic lunch. We noticed many empty chairs around us as we ate in the most beautiful grassy spot overlooking the ocean. We wondered if they were saving seats for the fireworks show the next day but weren’t sure because we had seen signs that the park closed at night time.

Some friendly folks let us in on a little secret: July 3rd is the one night a year when you’re allowed to camp by the beach in San Clemente. Since we had a bunch of our camping gear already, we decided to go for it!

After a quick trip to the Big 5 sporting goods store in Dana Point, a jacuzzi/swim sesh, and a shower at the timeshare (we had a day pass), we returned to our spot on the bluff for the night.

Things got even better once a parking spot opened up only 20 feet from our stuff! What luck! It’s really felt like the universe wanted us there - it couldn’t have been easier.

We ended up sleeping pretty well and woke up to the sounds of people setting up for their own 4th of July gatherings around us.

We spent the whole day flying our new kites in the sun, exploring the area around the pier, and meeting lots of nice people who had come from all over to enjoy the fireworks show. It did not disappoint!

After packing up we stopped at “The Hat”, a famous pastrami sandwich place in Orange County for a “second dinner”. It was the best pastrami dip I had ever had!

We arrived back in Venice around midnight and passed out. Whew!

Here’s a piece of wisdom I gained over the past 3 days: always be open to the opportunities and openings the universe presents to you.

If we had not jumped on the chance to camp by the beach in San Clemente we would have really missed out on an incredible experience enjoying the stunning landscape of the southern California coast and continuing to learn more about one another on this trip.

In your own life are you open and flexible or more rigid? How’s that working for you when it comes to sex, love, and relationships? The way we do one thing is the way we do everything, so if you’re inflexible in one area of your life it’s definitely affecting the other areas - you just may not realize it yet.

If you’re done struggling/suffering when it comes to sex, love, and relationships and are seeking more flow and ease in this area of your life, I warmly invite you to book a complimentary breakthrough session with me here.

All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo

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