How to Thrive Emotionally, Sexually, and Creatively

For those of you in the US, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

While summer solstice doesn’t happen until June 20th, this holiday traditionally symbolizes the beginning of summer activities - pool parties, barbecues, beach days, and eating straight from the garden. It’s my favorite season!

Speaking of eating straight from the garden, Loren and I celebrated the beginning of summer by creating an herb garden from a pallet we picked up at our favorite nursery in Marina del Rey.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

We also gave new homes to succulents that had sprouted from an arrangement that Loren had made for me when we first started dating last summer. Our love is still blooming!

It was so fun to get our hands dirty together and complete a project to make our lives better. Loren is an amazing cook and we’re planning to use the cilantro, basil, mint, rosemary, etc., in numerous summer dishes. We are both so excited about the culinary possibilities! (Honestly, I just thrilled to open my window and smell the herbs from inside the house).

Life has been so busy recently with everything I’m doing. This project provided both of us with an opportunity to slow down and be with each other in the moment.

I am filled with gratitude and anticipation for what this garden with provide us over the summer months and beyond.

However, it will require tending in order to thrive.

One of my mentors, Layla Martin, writes that “to be thriving is to be seasonal in life.

Honor and bring presence to the season you’re in - emotionally, sexually, and creatively.

What are you doing to prepare for and celebrate this upcoming season of fruition, peak pleasure, and full blossoming?

You have some time to think about it. Perhaps you’ll feel called to have a summer solstice party or create a ritual you’ll do on your own.

I hope this serves you and your thriving in all areas of life.

All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo

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