Is Your “Inner Child” Keeping You From Love?

I’m writing you from my favorite coffee shop in Venice after at the end of a busy week.

I’m 3 weeks into my coaching practicum for my certification as an Integrated Sex, Love, and Relationships Coach with the Institute of Integrated Tantric Sexuality and it’s been quite an experience!

In addition to connecting with some more of my sisters from all over the world in this wonderful program (we have to coach each other twice a week this quarter) and getting the opportunity to practice the new coaching tools we’ve been learning over the past few months, I’m experiencing incredible transformational healings in my own life.

It has been such a blessing to be coached by the other women in this program. As much work as I’ve done on healing my “core wound” of not feeling “good enough” due to growing up multiracial in the very white world of Northern Virginia, I experienced an even deeper healing this week!

Tears of anger, frustration, and hurt flowed down my cheeks as I embodied my “inner child” who still had so much to express about having been forced to deal with complex issues of racial identity at such a young ageIt was DEEP!

I felt sooo good after our session. I felt a lightness come over me and it was such a relief.

The overall message I desire to share with you about it is this:

the work we do on ourselves is never done. Keep a beginner’s mind and remain open to what life has to teach you. Also, trauma lives deep in the body, so it’s not enough to just talk about it. The limbic and primal brain need to get on board with a new reality that we choose to create for ourselves.

Not feeling “good enough” for so many years was a powerful emotional block keeping me from the joy and happiness meant for me, especially when it came to love, sex, and relationships.

I am a work in progress. I do know this though: I would not have been emotionally or spiritually available to meet my partner, Loren, without having done personal development work.

Are YOU willing to “go there”?

I hope this serves you.

All my love and gratitude,



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