Do You Have What It Takes to Attract Love Into Your Life?

I’ve picked up a new hobby at 39 years of age. Can you guess what it is?

If you’ve been following me on FB or Instagram, you probably already know…

It isn’t painting - I already do that

It isn’t knitting or crocheting - I’ve made more scarves and blankets than I can count

It isn’t gardening - I don’t know if I’ll ever have a “green thumb” (thankfully Loren does)


Not rollerskating or ice skating - I’m actually rolling down the streets of Venice on a skateboard. At 39 years old! Woohoo!

Ever since I watched “The Lords of Dogtown” a few years ago, a movie inspired by the original “Z-Boys” who put skating on the map in Venice back in the early 70’s, it’s been something that I’ve wanted to try.

I had a skateboard back in the 80’s but I never got into it. However, over 30 years later, I’m LOVING it!

Check out this video of my second day of skating

Just like I couldn’t wait to get home to ride my bike when I was a kid, I have the same feeling about skating. It feels like flying and taps into some of my core values of freedom, adventure, and growth.

Speaking of growth, I had my first big fall last week. I took a chance on a hill that was a bit too steep for me to navigate at my level of ability.

When I tried to turn left at the bottom of the hill, I lost control and decided to bail. I jumped off the board, took two giant running steps and immediately fell flat in the middle of the street (it was empty, thank goodness). I scraped the whole front of my body along the asphalt.

Fortunately, I was able to save my face from the gravel and I don’t have any broken teeth. My knees, palms, and elbows took most of the impact.

My wounds are still healing but this week I’m feeling much better.

I haven’t fallen like that in years. I got up immediately after the fall and laid down on some nearby grass. Still in shock, the first thing I said to Loren (who was such a wonderful, loving caregiver to me) was, “well, I had to fall some time”.

This experience made me think about how challenging it can be to keep putting yourself out there when it comes to dating.

I know so many amazing men and women who desire a loving, committed partnership but keep themselves out of the dating game because they’re afraid of getting hurt, making a “mistake”, or experiencing another “failed” relationship.

Here’s the truth: the people who are most successful at attracting luscious, lasting love into their lives are the ones who get good at handling the inevitable rejection that comes along with dating.

When you’re conscious to reality that dating is a game of “sorting”, knowing that break-ups will happen and should happen if two people are not right for each other, and you don’t let this rejection dictate how valuable you are as a partner, there is so much less suffering.

I knew I would fall off my skateboard at some point. I also know that I’ll fall again and again as I continue to try and master this new skill.

I also know that in order to experience “flying” on my skateboard I have be OK with falling. It’s part of the game.

Here’s the truth: the people who are really successful in attracting luscious, lasting love into their lives are the ones who get good at going through nasty break-ups, think a number of different people could be the “one” and then turn out not to be, and STILL continue to show up for love - even when it hurts.

Getting hurt is part of the game. Period.

Attracting true love into your life requires courage, compassion, and humility. Do you have what it takes to get good at this game?

I’ll keep you posted on my skateboarding adventures.

I hope this serves you.

All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo

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