Don't Hate Me For This

Happy December! Sorry that I’ve been MIA over the past couple of weeks. I’m working on some exciting projects that I’ll be sharing with you in the new year and Loren and I have been busy house hunting.

I spent the morning of the Thanksgiving on the beach in Malibu with Loren and some childhood friends. It was a glorious sunny day for which I am very grateful.

After the beach we headed to Loren’s parents home in Newbury Park to eat an early dinner with his family. After feasting on turkey, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, stuffing, etc., we brought dessert to share with Loren’s grandmother who lives a few minutes away in an assisted living facility.

As for you, I’m hoping you’re able to find some moments of peace during these hectic holiday weeks and the beginning of 2018.

If love is on your wish list for the holidays or 2018, before you jump on an online dating site remember this:

Unless you’ve done the emotional and spiritual work necessary to be available for love, any tool will be useless.

Don't get me wrong. Online dating, for instance, is a magnificent tool that allows you to connect with amazing people all over the world that you'd never get a chance to meet if it weren't for technology. However, it's just a tool.

Your dream partner can't find you online if you're hung up on someone from your past because you're not going to be a vibrational match to each other.

Similarly, of you're filled with resentment and anger towards men, believing that they're all liars and cheaters, you'll only attract people and experiences online that affirm your self-limiting and negative beliefs because you'll be a vibrational match to that.

Want to learn more? I can help.

If you’re seeking to transform your experience of love, sex, and relationships in 2018 from sad to sizzling, set yourself up for success by booking a FREE Luscious, Lasting Love Breakthrough Session with me here.

Happy holidays and keep shining!

All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo

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