Read This If Your Experience of Love, Sex, and Relationships Makes You Want to Scream

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far. I’m finally back in my Venice routine after an incredible week in Palm Springs and San Diego with some of my biz besties.

My Sex, Love, and Relationships Coaching Certification retreat at The Parker Palm Springs was amazing! I got a chance to catch up with so many of the wonderful women in this program that I had met in Mexico and meet many more.

I had been wanting to visit The Parker for ages and it did not disappoint! My room (I somehow ended up with a huge Junior Suite) was gorgeous and full of the quirky, retro Jonathan Adler aesthetic that I’ve always found to be so cool and fun.


I got tremendous clarity on the core messages of my business and how to explain the methodology I use to help my clients attract luscious, lasting love into their lives. I left feeling inspired, confident, and ready to be of even higher service to you!

In San Diego, my dear friend and biz bestie, Joanna Turner hosted The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE event to help women entrepreneurs get in flow, create abundance, unlock your creativity and potential.

On Friday morning I led a yoga, meditation, and breathwork session to help participants “ignite their body magic” and prime them to receive whatever they needed from the event. It was a great way to start the day!

In the afternoon I spoke on a panel about “flow” and ended up telling the story of how Loren and I met. I also talked about how living in “flow” for me meant cultivating a sense of trust and surrender to the universe always supporting me to experience my highest good.

It was truly an awesome week and as I said before, I’m really excited to dive back into working with my clients.

And speaking of trust and surrender, do you believe that luscious, lasting love is meant for you? Do you trust that all you desire in love, sex, and relationships will show up in your life at the perfect time and in the perfect way?

A healthy mindset about sex, love, and relationships is the foundation of experiencing the joy and happiness you desire and deserve in these areas of your life.

Your beliefs are everything as they determine your experience. You attract what you are, so if you believe that love isn’t possible for you, you will always attract people and situations that confirm that belief.

Are you in need of a mindset “re-boot”? Is it time to explore your beliefs about what is possible for you in love, sex, and relationships? If you desire luscious, lasting love and you’re not seeing the results you want, book your FREE Breakthrough Session with me here.

All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo

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