The “Magic Sauce” that Will Transform Your Love Life

Hey there, gorgeous-

This week in my Sex, Love, and Relationships Coaching Certification program we are focusing on “self-love”.

Why? Love is the source of all transformation. When we have a reserve of love for ourselves, we can overcome anything! Self-love allows us to survive any changes that disrupt our realities. Since these changes are an inevitable part of life, a rich well of self-love is the key to a happy, healthy, and peaceful existence.

However, when we don’t possess this foundation of self-love, we unconsciously stay stuck in emotional drama in order to avoid processing “difficult emotions”.

Did you know that children and babies naturally self-regulate and self-soothe? If left alone, a young child who experiences a disruption (i.e.  a toy being taken away all of sudden) will get upset for a short time and then after a little while return to a calm state.

When children aren’t allowed to naturally cycle through this process, when it is interrupted by a parent (due to their own conditioning) who prevents a full expression of anger, sadness, etc., the child learns that this part of themselves is unacceptable and unlovable.

As a result, they are conditioned to live in fear of “difficult emotions” or “bad” things happening to them, because they don’t trust that they will be able to function.

The ability to self-regulate and self-soothe is repressed and the child develops strong defense mechanisms to keep them feeling safe.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in a pattern of personal drama, you probably need to build up your well of self-love before you can break out of it. Only then will you be emotionally available for the love you desire in 2017.

I can help you with this process! Book a FREE Discovery Session with me here and let’s get to work!

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