Artists and Fleas

Hey there, gorgeous!

I hope you’ve had a good week and have exciting plans for the upcoming weekend.

Can you believe that we’re in the second half of 2016 already? The year is going by really fast for me!

On Saturday, I’m scoping out “Artists & Fleas”, an Artist, Designer, and Vintage Market that sets up shop every weekend in Venice.

One of my intentions for the month is to create enough inventory so that I can become a vendor at this market in the next 30 days.

This weekend I want to check out the other artists’ set up to make sure I have everything I need for a successful first showing.

I’m currently working on four big paintings, however I’m realizing that I also need some smaller pieces to sell.

I love expressing myself on a big blank canvas, so this will be a challenge as it’s not in my comfort zone to paint on a smaller scale.

It’s all a big experiment, but this is where all my energy is going and my intuition has never steered me wrong.

Are you stretching yourself and trying new things this month? Are you on track to achieve the goals you’ve set for 2016 or this second quarter of the year?

June is a great time to assess your progress and see if you need to make any tweaks to your plan for your life and biz.

If you’re seeking support as you reflect on the first half of 2016 and readjust your plan for the third quarter of 2016, book your FREE 30-minute coaching session with me here.

I hope this serves you. Be happy, be kind, and be love.

All my love and gratitude,


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