Is Perfectionism Keeping You on the Sidelines of Your Life

Hey there, gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a terrific week so far. I’ve had a very exciting June and have started to plan for the third quarter of the year (Q3).

My biggest accomplishment this month has been assembling my booth at “Artists and Fleas”, a artist, designer, and vintage market in Venice, on extremely short notice - I put it all together in 2 days!

Even though it wasn’t “perfect” (I didn’t sell any paintings), I still had a wonderful experience.

I made friends with other vendors, some of my own friends showed up to support me, and the few people who walked into my tent had very nice things to say about my work.

I relied on the kindness and generosity of my neighbors to loan me things I needed (folding table, tablecloths, etc.) and to help breakdown my booth at the end of the day.

Helping me with this event has brought us a lot closer and I really appreciate how lucky I am to have so much support in my life.

My mentor, Gina DeVee, has a favorite saying about perfectionism and entrepreneurship:“done is better than perfect”.

I’m considering this Saturday to be a huge victory for me simply because I showed up.

With only 2 days notice to get everything together to participate in this market, I could have easily declined this opportunity.

Even though it gave me a bit of anxiety, I’m so glad I said “yes”.

Going forward, I now have everything I need to sell my art at any market in LA. I’m feeling pretty stoked right now!

Are you generous with yourself? Do you allow yourself to show up imperfectly or do you demand perfectionism from yourself at all times?

Don’t let perfectionism keep you on the sidelines of your life.

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I hope this serves you.

All my love and gratitude,


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