I’ve Been Lying to Myself

Hey there, gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. I’m getting ready for a quick trip up to San Francisco to see family and college friends.

I’ve been a painting machine for past two weeks and it feels amazing to be dedicating so much time to what I love the most.

I believe that the universe is always conspiring in my favor.

I hit a wall in my coaching business and in some of my personal relationships for a reason.

I needed to wake up to the fact that I wasn’t in complete alignment with my coaching offering, and more importantly my own unique, creative purpose.

I was lying to myself about just needing to be a coach to be happy.

I am artist first and foremost. It feels really good to finally claim that. It feels right in a way that nothing else has.

If I’ve learned anything this month it’s that painting needs to be at the center of my life (for now) and a bigger part of my coaching business.


It feels really exciting to be starting this new chapter in my life. I’m exactly where I want to be and doing exactly what I want to be doing.

When the storms of life roll in it’s important to not fight what is being cleared out of your life. Ride the waves with trust, patience, and curiosity.

Be sure to stay open to the new possibilities that are always revealed to us once the weather clears a bit.

Are you being 100% honest with yourself about what you desire for your life and business? If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure”, I’d like to help. Book your FREE 30-minute coaching session with me here.

I hope this serves you. Be happy, be kind, and be love.

All my love and gratitude,


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