What Painting Has Taught Me About Life and Online Biz

Hey there, gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a great week so far. I wrapped up my “Rise Above Your ‘Inner Critic’ 5-Day Challenge” last week and had a blast doing it. Over the weekend I taught another community Yoga Sculpt class and celebrated graduation with my cohort of beautiful yoginis!

Also, my paintings and paint supplies finally arrived from the East Coast, so I’ve been busy hanging artwork and organizing everything so I can start painting here. I’m bursting with creativity and can’t wait to start working on some ideas that have been brewing for a while now.

I love my painting process. I start with a layer of acrylic first. I then sketch out my composition with vine charcoal. After that, I do a quick under painting with 3 or 4 colors of watered-down acrylic. Once that layer is dry, I start adding layers of oil.

I love how each different layer of paint changes a piece into something new.It’s fascinating to see how an image evolves.

Certain elements that never stood out before can come forward as I play with shadows and light on the canvas.

Other elements begin to recede as I begin to prioritize the focal point of each piece. It soon becomes a dance as parts of the painting move forward and back multiple times in the process.

The best part is, you never know what it’s really going to end up like until you get to the end (and it’s only the end when I intuitively decide that I’m done - it’s so nice to make your own rules).

I make sure to document each phase with a photo. It’s also a way of celebrating the work I did that day.

This process reminds me so much of the personal development and mindset work we must do as entrepreneurs.

Starting a business can be slow at first, but once you commit to it and work steadily, after a while, you start to see something to take shape.

Similarly, as we move through emotional blocks and heal our limiting beliefs about what we’re capable of and what we deserve, we transform ourselves.

The entrepreneurial journey can be full of ups and downs, often leaving us exhausted anddisheartened.

However, the key to sustaining ourselves along this path is be curious and celebratory about even the smallest steps forward.

The journey is the reward. Goals and desires will inevitably change. Enjoy the process.Be kind. Be happy, and be love.

All my love and gratitude,


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