How to Kick Fear Out of the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

Hey there, gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a great week so far! As I’m writing this newsletter I’m sitting under the California sun marveling at how much my life has changed in the past year.  

I’m exactly where I want to be, doing exactly what I want to be doing, and loving my life. And guess what? I had to take a lot of risks to get here. It was scary sometimes!

Despite what some people might tell you about being “fearless”, that isn’t something I strive for.

Fear has become my friend over the past several years and it’s a relationship that I truly respect and appreciate.

Fear is not a bad thing. Fear is useful in so far as it keeps me safe and alive.

However, if I had let fear run my life and dictate all of my decisions, I would not be sitting here in Venice, CA living my dream life.

Are you letting fear keep you from your dream life and business? Your desires? Your calling?

If you’re sick and tired of living this way, I invite you to take this first step. It’s simple. Grab your journal and “have a talk with yourself.” Journaling is an incredibly effective tool for getting down to what’s really true for us.

  • What would you be doing if didn’t allow fear to be in the driver’s seat of your own life?

  • Where would you be living?

  • What would you be wearing?

  • What kind of food would you be fueling your body with? Would you be working out more? Hire a trainer?

  • What kind of car would you be driving?

  • What causes would you like to contribute to?

  • What kind of impact would you be making in the world?

The next step would be to write down all of your fears about what it would take to become this version of yourself.

The mere act of writing your fears down on paper will have a relaxing effect. Giving words to your fears takes the power away from them and puts it back in your hands.

Really ask yourself? Are these fears real? Follow them to their logical conclusion and play them all the way through. What’s the worst case scenario? Sometimes the worst case scenario is actually not that bad and something that we can work with. Sometimes it isn’t.

However, in my experience, whenever a woman goes after her authentic desires, it lifts up everyone around her. Remember, you have these desires because they are meant for you.

It’s time for you to live YOUR life. Self-abandonment is the worst betrayal there is.

Not too long ago I hit a point in my life where I was not going to settle for an “unlived life”. I felt like a stallion locked in a barn that just wanted to break free and RUN.

Are you willing to settle for an “unlived life”? If not, we should talk. Schedule your FREE Discovery Session with me here.

I hope this serves you and that you have a beautiful day!

All my love and gratitude,


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