Do You Know What You Were Born to Do?

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I hope you’re enjoying your week so far. A couple of weeks ago I attended the first stop on Chris Guillebeau’s book tour for his latest work, “Born For This”, at General Assembly in Santa Monica.

He gave an inspiring talk that was full of nuggets for everyone, but especially the aspiring entrepreneur.

Chris explained that we must get comfortable failing forwardMistakes give you the information you need to make important decisions.

Also, he emphasized taking a closer look at not just the kind of work you do, but how you do it. Specifically:

  • How do like to spend your time?

  • Where are you working?

  • Do you like the people? Your team?

  • What are the rewards?

  • How much independence do you have or not have?

For Chris, our dream job or business is a combination of ideal working conditions and meaningful content.

He shared 4 specific actions for finding the work you were meant to do:

  1. Make decisions based on joy, money, and flow

    1. Joy = what you love, Money = what sustains you, and Flow = what you do really well

    2. Ask yourself, “did today matter?” Look for the streak of days that matter

  2. Create a side-hustle

    1. Even if you love your job, it builds confidence and gets you excited

    2. Create an asset where you’re not trading time for money

  3. Don’t choose a niche

    1. We often make these decisions about what we want to do based on limited information, so hold off

    2. It’s important to be yourself and not force yourself into a box of what may end up being obsolete in a very short time. Technology moves fast.

  4. Give up

    1. Adaptability/flexibility is a better predictor of success than persistence

    2. Work on your vision, but don’t try the same thing over and over again.Mix things up. Try, try again, but try in a different way.

Speaking of adapting, did you know that having the support of your own personal success and life coach allows you to grow and maintain momentum in your business?

By getting the help you need, you avoid wasting time spinning your wheels unnecessarily and experiencing prolonged anxiety or stress.

S*** happens. However, it makes no sense to crumble under the stress of trying to do it alone, especially when we are not meant to do things alone in the first place.

Don’t let a lack of emotional support take you out of the game!

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