Don’t Forget to Pay Attention to This While Building Your Biz...

Hey there, gorgeous!

I just got back from an amazing bachelorette weekend in South Beach with some of my business besties.

We had a wonderful time mixing work and play, making our time together productive AND totally fun.

I don’t know about you, but I am very sensitive to my surroundings. Therefore, as part of being responsible for my own energy, I try to spend as much time in beautiful environments that light me up as I can.

South Beach is definitely one of those places for me.

South Beach is an incredibly high vibe location. It has a party atmosphere and everyone is very sexy and colorful when it comes to their attire. I spent a lot of time in my bikini and I loved it!

It’s absolutely gorgeous there with the turquoise water, Art Deco architecture, the happy colors, and beautiful people.

It also feels very international - you hear a lot of different languages being spoken there and people are quite fashionable, unlike here in Washington, DC ( I hate to say it, but it’s true).

Besides being outside by the ocean, one of my favorite places we spent time at was the 1 Hotel on Collins Avenue which just opened about a year ago.

What is your relationship with your surroundings? Are you sensitive to your environment? If so, are you intentional about where you spend your time working, playing, sleeping, etc.?

If you can’t get to some place gorgeous like South Beach any time soon, simply lighting some candles and having fresh flowers in my home make a huge difference.

Pay attention to how you feel in certain environments and do your best to surround yourself with beauty as much as possible. It raises your vibration, keeping you happier, more productive, creative, and simultaneously more at ease.

All my love and gratitude,


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