Single During the Holidays? Here’s How to Cope

Hey there, gorgeous-

It’s almost 60 degrees here in DC, which is highly unusual for the holiday season. However, I’m not complaining!

I’ve had a good time catching up with family and friends. I’ve also been eating like crazy! Check out our awesome Christmas feast - it was quite a spread.

During this holiday visit to my hometown, I’ve been fielding a multitude of questions about my man (Loren had to remain in California for work, but we had a romantic christmas dinner the night before I left).

I’ve also been thinking about all the single women in my community and the challenges they might be facing at this time of year.

The holidays can be a difficult time to be single (I’ve been there, for sure) but I have a few tips to share that will hopefully ease any stress.

“Are You Seeing Anyone Special?”

Well-meaning loved ones will inevitably inquire about your love life. Just accept it. However, it is possible to politely shut down a potentially awkward conversation about your personal business.

Whether or not you are “seeing anyone special” isn’t anything you HAVE to share if you don’t want to. If you’d like to keep your love life to yourself (I like to), I recommend responding to this question with a simple, “no, not at the moment. How are you doing?”

The truth is that at the end of the day people have enough of their own issues to deal with and don’t really care about your love life.

I used to be so paranoid about facing my family and friends as a single person, but after a while realized that I was being a bit self-absorbed! It’s not about me and it’s not about you!

With a little tact it’s easy to redirect any nosy relatives with genuine questions about their lives. Generally, people love to talk about themselves - so let them!

The other thing I would say, as a person in a happy, fulfilling relationship is to SAVOR your singleness NOW.

As a single person you have the freedom and space to celebrate the holidays as you wish. If you desire to be alone, you can be. If you desire to be in community with others, you can create that, too. While being single can be difficult at times, being in a relationship, while beautiful and amazing, has it’s own set of challenges.

Enjoy where you’re at. It’s the only way to attract more into your life that you will enjoy.

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the year and get clarity on your desires for the next 365 days.

If one of your desires is to find love in 2017, savoring your single status now is the foundation of calling in the love you want in the next 12 months.

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I can’t wait to see you there!

All my love and gratitude,




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