Is Not Having Been Married, Engaged, or Kids by 40 a “Red Flag”?

Hey there, gorgeous-

This past weekend I attended a lovely holiday open house with my man, Loren. It was such a pleasure to be his date and for him to be mine!

The two of us ended up having a very interesting conversation with another female partygoer. This woman was in her early 40’s, beautiful, had great style, intelligence, and a sense of humor. She was really fun to be around!

However, once she started talking about her love life, you could feel the anger and frustration she had towards men in Los Angeles (FYI - I didn’t tell her I was a love coach until after she shared the story).

Most recently, a man who barely knew her remarked that the fact that she had never been married, engaged, or had kids, made her a “red flag” to potential male suitors.

She was enraged by this. “What a jerk! I can’t believe that this is what men are thinking about women. How rude and unfair!”, she told us.

The reason I’m sharing this story with you is because it illustrates an important concept that you MUST get if you’re serious about meeting your dream partner in 2017.

This lovely woman, who we really enjoyed meeting by the way, had attracted this man into her sphere because deep down, a “red flag” is how she perceives herself.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that like attracts like, so therefore nothing is brought into our experience by coincidence.

That rude gentleman was only a reflection of her own unconscious thoughts and belief about herself. That is, SHE believes on some level that it is a “red flag” that she hasn’t been married, engaged, or had children.

If she truly “owned” that she was single in her early 40’s by choice, then she wouldn’t have been so triggered by this interaction. She probably wouldn’t have even had the interaction.

Sure, there are men out there who think this way, but those aren’t the high-quality men you desire. Let them think what they want and miss out on the smart, empowered, and SEXY women who have purposely stayed single for the multitude of totally legitimate reasons.

Until she recognizes that she has this limiting belief about herself, she will continue to attract people and experiences into her life that affirm that belief.

So, the lesson here is to take note of the people and experiences that come into your life, especially if there is a pattern and/or if they are triggering for you in some way.

It’s impossible for someone to really upset you or consume your thinking if there already isn’t a wound there to begin with.

My core wounding was centered around growing up multiracial and never feeling like I was good enough and that I had to perfect in order to be loved.

I wasn’t even aware of the effect this wound was having on my love life until I was 35 years old and the universe had to bring me to my knees to figure it out.

After years of serial monogamy, where I went from boyfriend to boyfriend, I spent 3 years cultivating a healthy relationship with myself.

Today, I have an extraordinary partner in my life that absolutely adores me. I feel loved, treasured, and truly seen by a man for the first time ever and it feels incredible!

However, it doesn’t have to take this long for you! I’ve made all the mistakes in the book so you don’t have to. Working together, we can collapse your “love timeline” and change your life forever.

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In the meantime, commit to becoming an observer of the experiences and people that show up repeatedly in your life. I guarantee you, the universe is trying to tell you something.

All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo


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