Gratitude in Trying Times

Hey there, gorgeous-

Happy Thanksgiving! As you’re reading this I’m driving to Newbury Park with my man to kick-off the holidays with his family.

I am so grateful to be spending this time with them and frankly, to even have a place to go as my biological family is on the other side of the country.

While the US is struggling to make sense of the presidential election and unite as nation, I am still GRATEFUL.

As much ugliness that has been brought to light, I am grateful for this opportunity to face it head on and begin the fierce conversations necessary for our healing.

I am grateful for all of my loving relationships - with family, friends, neighbors, and of course, my sexy man!

I am grateful for all the joy and happiness that I experience in every area of my life.

I am grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds me.

I am grateful for my healthy body and mind.

I am grateful for my dream bungalow in Venice, CA.

I am grateful for my car.

I am grateful for my coaching business and the opportunity to serve and activate women.

I am grateful for my constant financial abundance.

I am grateful for my virtual assistants, Tiff, Jess, and Kim.

I am grateful for my meditation practice.

I am grateful for my creative solitude.

I am grateful for my freedom.

I am grateful for my tribe, “The Creative Living Revolution”.

I am grateful for YOU.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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