What Yoga Has Taught Me About Creativity

Hey there, gorgeous!

I hope you’re having a terrific week so far. This past Monday I finally picked up my Yoga Sculpt certification. It’s official - I am certified to teach my favorite workout at any studio that offers yoga with weights. I’m so happy and excited!

I began my Yoga Sculpt teacher training as soon as I moved back to California - even before I had my own place.

Anyone looking in from the outside would have probably questioned why I would take on so much when I had just arrived in LA.

However, knowing that I desired to do the training as far back as October of 2015, I couldn’t resist signing up.

Even though I had barely settled in, was busy building my coaching business, and questioned whether or not I could afford it, my intuition kept screaming, “yes, yes, yes - this is for you!!!

Getting this certification has been an amazing journey for me. The Core Power community is filled with such healthy, positive, and beautiful souls. I’ve loved being a part of it and look forward to meeting more fantastic people.

In addition to the teacher trainings that happened every weekend for multiple hours at a time, the certification process required that I attend and observe a certain number of Core Power Level One and Yoga Sculpt classes.

This schedule, on top of working on the homework (we had a year to complete it and I just submitted everything a few weeks ago), provided some much needed structure to my life that helped me ground into my new surroundings.

Also, these trainings and classes helped me metabolize the stress of moving across the country and creating a new life by moving energy through my body. Yoga kept me strong, flexible, and grounded.

Finally, I love and respect my body on a whole new level. I’m in the best of shape of my life at 38 years old and have so much energy to channel into not only my painting and coaching business, but creating the life I desired here in Venice.

You see, being creative isn’t just about painting on a canvas.

I believe that we are all on this planet to live out a unique, divine creative purpose. I believe that the fulfillment of our authentic desires for our lives is an expression of our creativity and guides us along the path of self-actualization - loving ourselves, loving the work we do, and loving how we do it (thank you, Maya Angelou).

I love my life. I love what I do and I love how I do it. This love that permeates my life is the direct result of my intentionally creating the life I desired. I used my creative imagination and connection to all-encompassing consciousness to design the perfect life for me.

It doesn’t look like what anyone else thought my life should look like (parents, extended family, colleagues, etc.), but that doesn’t matter.

I am so glad I followed my intuition and completed my Yoga Sculpt training. One could argue that the timing wasn’t perfect, but I actually feel that it was divine timing.

If you’re ready to activate your creative genius to design the love relationship of your dreams, I warmly invite you to book a FREE 30-Minute coaching session with me here.

I hope this serves you.

All my love and gratitude,

Heather xoxo

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