How I Survived #Blizzard2016

Hey there, gorgeous!

If you’re on the East Coast, I hope you’ve managed to stay warm, dry, and well-fed this past week.

#Blizzard2016 was a doozy and folks are still digging themselves out from this historical storm that blanketed the DC area with 30 inches of snow.

I spent the duration of the storm with some of my best girlfriends watching Netflix, reality TV (my guilty pleasure), and eating comfort food.

I enjoyed the downtime for the first couple of days, but I honestly was starting to feel a little stir-crazy after a while. Also, I hadn’t worked out in over a week, so I was feeling antsy and needed to sweat out some stress.

Thank goodness I am heading to Miami this weekend for some much needed sunshine with some of my business besties for a bachelorette party.

Do you have a “personal tribe”? The entrepreneurial journey can be challenging and having the support of a community makes all the difference.

If you don’t belong to a positive community of like-minded people, here are a few tips from my friend and colleague, Christine Miskinis. Christine is a Women’s Empowerment Coach and founder of, “Rock It Out Woman.”

  1. Engage online in a virtual community such as my FB group, “The Glamorous Global Entrepreneur”. Find “life-minded” people who share your interest in business as well as other lifestyle interests.

  2. Join a group program that has live events where you can network online AND in person.

  3. Attend local meet-ups.

  4. Invest in mentorship.

I was so pleased to have Christine on my new show, “The Glamorous Global Entrepreneur”, this week. If you missed the interview you can watch the replay here.

Stay tuned for some pics and Periscopes from South Beach next week!

All my love and gratitude,


P.S. If you desire support around transitioning out of an old and into a new “personal tribe”, click here to book a FREE 30-minute Coaching Session with me. Let’s connect!

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