Who are you NOT to be a leader?

If you’ve been following my work it’s likely you’re on a path of personal growth and development. When you tap into this type of inner transformation you often hear the call to share the great messages you’ve learned. You’re called to lead and serve others, inspire your friends and connect to a greater purpose. The call is loud — but the voice of doubt is often even louder. The nasty voice of fear holds you back, saying, “Who am I to be a leader?”

My response is: Who are you NOT to be a leader?

I learned this lesson from my friend, New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabrielle has been in the field of personal growth for over a decade, and she’s committed to guiding us through whatever blocks us from truly serving as a leader in your own unique way. To do that, she’s rolling out a series of 3 free videos that will help clear the blocks to your confidence and provide direction you can act on right now. I know there are a few common issues that hold us back from truly stepping into our power, and Gabby tackles them in these free videos.

In this first free video training, she takes on issue #1: confidence! Gabby will teach you how to gain the confidence to step out as a leader and truly own your voice. She’ll share her personal story of how she became a speaker, author and public figure with zero background in her field. She’ll also divulge the three steps that helped her embrace her power and become a leader. In turn, you’ll gain the confidence to share your transformational message in your own way.

Click here to watch the video and learn… 

    • The 3 most important steps to owning your power as a leader
    • How to overcome doubt and uncertainty
    • The #1 way to feel connected to your purpose

Just watch this video and you’ll immediately feel more confident! I know you're going to love it and I only share things with my community that I absolutely love :)

Get the free training video here

All my love and gratitude, 
Heather xoxo

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  • seeks to define "success" on your own terms
  • is curious about the experiences of people who are different from you
  • craves a deeper and more authentic relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, co-workers, business partners, team members, and/or clients
  • desires to become more culturally competent (the ability to work effectively across differences with curiosity, humility, and non-judgment)
  • desires to become a transformational leader in your community and craves a deeper, more integrated, and culturally competent understanding of your leadership identity and vision for the world

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Check out my free video training, "Growing up Multiracial to Global Woman Entrepreneur", here.

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