My trip to Paris


I’m writing from 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean on an Air France flight back to DC. I’m full of excitement and so much gratitude for an incredible week in my favorite city, Paris.

Some of you may know that after graduating from college, I enrolled at Parsons School of Design in Paris as a non-matriculating student. I took classes in drawing, ceramics, hand knitting and knotting, creative embroidery, surface treatment of textiles, and fashion photography.

The time I spent living and studying art there was arguably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Paris is truly a feast for the senses. There is so much beauty all around you; it feels like a fairy tale come to life. 

That was 12 years ago. I’ve been aching to return to this magical place for many years now. To be honest, not too long ago I questioned whether I’d ever be able to get back here. With little to no confidence that I was capable of earning more money than what I was making at the school where I was working at that time, I had given up on my dreams of world travel. At 34, I was convinced that I certainly would never be going to Paris again - I just couldn’t see how I’d ever be able to afford to live in my own apartment in DC, let alone travel, on a teacher’s salary .

Oh, but how things change when you start to believe in yourself again! It turns out that I had an underlying and insidious self-limiting belief that I didn’t deserve success. This belief ruled my life for quite some time and blinded me to all the opportunities out there for me to have everything I want in this life, including an income that would allow me travel wherever I desired.

   My box of macarons from Laduree - even the packaging was exquisite.


My box of macarons from Laduree - even the packaging was exquisite.


Enrolling in "The Academy” with my mentor, Gina DeVee, was a total game changer. While I had already done a significant amount of work on myself when I first came across this program, this experience has taken my self-actualization to a whole new level. Now, nothing is out of reach. I know that my desires are in me for a reason - they are meant for me. Life is to be enjoyed and the only person or thing that can get in the way of my success is myself and my mindset. 

Coming back to Paris with my mom and fellow coaches in “The Academy” and the “Business of Coaching" for our live events has been a dream come true. In addition to the amazing coaching and business training we received, I was able to revisit the Arc du Triomphe, Laduree, George Pompidou Center, Jardin du Luxembourg, le Deux Magots, le Bon Marche, and other favorite spots (please pardon my less than stellar French). 

However, while Paris was absolute delight, the highlight of my trip was getting know the most fantastic group of women I’ve ever met in my life. I never thought I would have a group of girlfriends that I have so much in common with. Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of brilliant women in my life, but getting us all together in a group probably wouldn’t go so well; I have a different relationship with each one of them that wouldn’t necessarily translate to an awesome group dynamic.

   The gals (minus Lexi) and Rob in the Luxembourg Gardens.    


The gals (minus Lexi) and Rob in the Luxembourg Gardens. 


However, the women that I have met through my coaching program are a whole other story. I connect with each of them on a one-on-one basis AND we are f****** unstoppable as a group! We are each powerhouses in our own right. We are all building our own coaching businesses and yet there is no competition between us, only love and support. In truth, I never thought this would happen for me. This feels like a real sisterhood and I am just so grateful. 

It has been said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If I end up being an average of Lauren, Erika, Joanna, Mel, and Lexi - I know I’ve got it made. They are beautiful inside and out. Kind and generous. Non-competitive and drama-free with a great sense of humor. Badass business women. I am so lucky.

For all of you aspiring entrepreneurs out there, make sure you find your tribe.Community is so important. Starting a business can be very isolating unless you actively seek others who can relate to what you’re going through. Aim to surround yourself with likeminded people who lift you up. Being around these very special women has only increased my motivation to rock out my freedom-based business. They are so inspirational and I can’t wait to take on LA with them in August.

Now I want to hear from you. How have you created community in your life? What are your best tips for finding likeminded people for support and encouragement?

Take care,

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