Pressing the Reset Button


I’m finally back from two weeks of non-stop travel and I feel amazing. It was quite a whirlwind going to Spain, Mexico, and Belize within the span of two weeks, but it only inspired me to work harder on my business so that I can travel more. I just love having new adventures. I was moved to tears in each country because I felt so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity to see and experience so much beauty in the world.  From strolling through the gorgeous Alhambra in Grenada, to celebrating my birthday under the sun in Playa del Carmen with a dear friend, and listening to the ocean quietly lapping against mangroves on a remote beach in Belize, I was in absolute heaven! I am still processing everything.


The pace of life in Spain, Mexico, and especially Belize, is tremendously different than what we would consider to be “normal” here in the states. While I have a lot going on in my life right now and have simultaneously managed to be less stressed out than ever before (I’m just not available for it anymore - it’s a decision I’ve made), retreating to Mexico and Belize was a wonderful opportunity for me to just “let the air out”. It got me thinking about how much beauty most of us miss out on in our daily lives while we rush from place to place and the value of “pressing the reset button”.

Swinging in a hammock on my friend’s screened-in porch, I watched a flock of white birds fly across a magnificent lagoon like sunlight shimmering on the waves. There was a tiny frog that came to visit us in the kitchen one day as well as multiple lizards looking to feast on the moths attracted to one of the only light sources on the property. It was so wonderful to just be in nature and take it all in one moment at a time.

I’ve found that it’s challenging to notice these little things of beauty unless we set an intention to slow down. I  discovered that when I do slow down, I am actually much more productive and creative. Creativity comes from the depths, and if we don’t make time for stillness in our lives, there is no opportunity for our natural gifts and spiritually inspired actions to emerge into our consciousness. I don’t believe that any of us were put here on this earth to just grind it out at our jobs with no time for play.

While I know my purpose in this life is to be a healing, loving, and empowering presence in the lives of people around me, part of that includes being a joyful creator. I make time for fun and I make time to rest. You can’t give from an empty cup. My cup was so full and overflowing at the end of my trip that I cried tears of joy on the flight from Cancun to DC. Sometimes I just can’t believe that this is my life. I am so grateful.

Travel can sometimes be exhausting, but I was truly invigorated by these recent trips. Yes, I sprinted from one terminal to another in an attempt to make a ridiculously close connection at Heathrow Airport in London to catch my flight to Madrid. And yes, our car broke down in Belize and we always have to use a hand-cranked ferry to get to my friend’s properties. These are not glamorous moments, but I value the change of pace and the “pattern interrupt” these experiences provide. Now that I’m back in DC I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Now I want to hear from you. Comment below and share the last time you intentionally slowed down or “pressed the reset button”.

As always, I appreciate all the support and love as I go after my dreams. Keep it up, because I’m just getting started and need all of your positive energy to help fuel me.

Lots of love,

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