Ever Wonder If It’s Spiritual to Be Wealthy?

Have you ever asked yourself, “is it spiritual to be wealthy?” I don’t know about you but I used to think that being “spiritual” meant living a life of poverty and sacrifice.

The truth is that it is our divine right to be wealthy. I believe that we are all born with natural gifts that we are meant to share with the world. I also believe that it is our divine right to be financially compensated for our contributions, for we live in an unlimited and intelligent universe that designed us for a specific purpose.

My purpose is to be a healing, loving, and empowering presence in the lives of people around me. In addition to coaching, creating beauty is one of the many ways that I heal, love, and empower.

Science tells us that our universe is constantly expanding and it is my belief that our creative and natural self-expression is the universe expanding through us. When we are in alignment with our divine purpose and attuned to the presence of love in our lives, this expansion is always in service to the greater good. Just like every lock has a key, your creative callings and contributions are your unique acts of service. The universe, in turn, guides and supports us in being of service. This includes financial support.

Here is some real talk: money is energy and neutral; it can be used for “good” or “evil”.

It’s “good” to spend money on the things that fill you up, that make you feel “high vibe”, and bring you true joy. The things I need in my life to feel supported, taken care of, and “full” so that I can perform at my highest level, cost money.

Here is a list of what I need to feel amazing:

  • healthy, delicious, organic food
  • yoga sculpt class to feel strong, energetic, and clear-headed
  • expressing my true self creatively through make-up and fashion
  • regular massages
  • manicures and pedicures
  • travel to see new things that stimulate my creativity
  • enjoying new restaurants with girlfriends
  • time to paint and painting supplies

Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does by choices. When we have choices we feel free and expansive. It is from this place that we can truly be of service.

I’m writing this to say that you don’t need to be a “broken healer” or “starving artist”. I’m actually totally sick and bored of this story, because it’s just not true. All it does is take you out of the game and keep you from serving the people who need you most. It’s time for a new story.

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