Here’s what changed my life and business for good

I just got back from a week on the sunny shores of Redondo Beach, CA. I love being a “digital nomad” - being able to work on my business AND enjoy myself in a gorgeous location. However, I am really excited to move to Southern California in January. I’m working on manifesting my own place with a studio space for me to keep up with my painting. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that front, but please, please, please send me lots of good vibes. I can't wait to relocate!

A lot of people following me have noticed a big change in me recently --  my business and life have taken off! It’s gotten to where friends are asking me “what’s your secret” on a pretty much basis... so I’ve finally decided to come clean.

If I have a “secret weapon,” it’s my awesome mentor, Gina DeVee.

You can “meet” her and see what I’m so excited about in her free video series here.

What makes Gina so special is that she isn’t special. I mean she’s just like us, a normal woman with talent and brains, who loves the finer things in life, but who up until a few years ago was struggling to make it in her own coaching business.

Then, she worked on her mindset and business skills to where she made a total transformation.

Now she travels the world making millions as a coach, and training people (like me!!) how to do it too. So many of her students are making 10k or 20k a month or more, in less than a year!

And we get to host luxury VIP Days and retreats working with fantastic clients from all over the globe... just like Gina does!

Now I want you to meet Gina, hear her story and see how you can rock an international lifestyle impacting lives as a highly paid coach or consultant. My life will never be the same now that I see what’s possible!

Go here to see Gina’s inspiring videos from Paris

I’m so glad I met her, and I know you will be too!

All my love and gratitude,


P.S. If you’re thinking “I could never charge that much,” think again! Be sure to watch the “money story” video Gina shot in her Paris apartment. 

P.P.S. For the past two weeks I’ve enjoyed being of service to many creative entrepreneurs through my free 20-minute money mindset assessments. I’ve learned so much about the type of work that delights and moves me, as well as the kind of support that my clients crave and require to be successful. If you’re ready to transform your creative side hustle into a full blown, crazy, amazing, creative life, book your free session with me here.

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