Heather Rebecca Wilson

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transform your love and sex life from sad to sizzling?


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Are you a free-spirited single woman who is frustrated with dating and desires to become a magnet to your dream partnership?


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"the queen of love"


hi. I'm heather.

I'm an integrated love, sex, & relationships coach for single women who are frustrated with dating and desire to be in a loving, healthy, and committed relationship with their life partner.


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did you know...

  • that a luscious, lasting love relationship is your divine right?
  • we are are all sexual beings with an enormous capacity for love and connection?
  • our sensual nature should be celebrated and cultivated?
  • that transforming your experience of sex, love, and relationships happens NOT from trying to be different or someone you're not, but by gently releasing the blockages, fears, and contractions around our sexuality and hearts to reveal the health and wholeness that is your natural state?
  • that when both men and women can express their original essence without guilt or shame, and in the face of fear, we naturally become more inclusive, creative, and transformational?

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